De Rossi:

The Italian, back in his country after passing through Boca Juniors, defended the Barcelona crack and assured that he does not understand the criticism of the Argentines.

Daniele De Rossi He gave an interview to the newspaper La Nación in which he talked about everything. But one of the topics in which the Italian was most effusive was when he was asked about Lionel Messi and the criticism that he receives as a player of the Argentina national team.

“If in Italy you say that in Argentina they say cold chest to Messi, here they laugh, they don’t understand anything. How are you going to say cold chest to Messi who has two eggs that big! There are people who have the courage to tell him I bite Messi behind a computer, and then he doesn’t even have the balls to ask his wife to control the TV to change the channel. And they say cold chest to one who has scored more than 1000 goals in his life! Come on! “said the former Roma player.

And he added: “He lost two Copa America finals on penalties, and I am world champion on penalties. Look, he is a cold chest in Argentina and I am a hero along with my teammates for having won the 2006 World Cup. What is the difference? Five centimeters. It cannot be, no, I refuse. I would like you to bear in mind that many times it is he who carries all the equipment on his back. “

At the same time, De Rossi found no adjectives to explain what Messi is doing on the pitch: “Football is nothing more to explain, the words are over. There are other very good ones, like Ronaldo, who can be compared from the numbers, goals and trophies, but then there is a matter of pleasure, and I like to see Messi. The only fortune he had is that he played in the biggest team of the last 30 years, Guardiola’s Barcelona, ​​then his teammates, without being as good as him, they were worthy to be by his side. “

Finally, he recalled the times he faced the albiceleste crack: “Sharing the court with him is a motivation. Sometimes I realized that my teammates, before the game, looked at him with different eyes, as if with admiration and also at me. It happened. I tried not to show my feelings or my weakness before such a great player. When you take the ball from Messi it gives you a different flavor than if you took it from any donkey. “

Photo: Getty Images