MLS Tests Itself Against the Pandemic: Its Season Starts in Orlando

MLS Tests Itself Against the Pandemic: Its Season Starts in Orlando

The local team will open this Wednesday the peculiar 2020 campaign against Inter Miami by David Beckham, amid uncertainty about the coronavirus cases that have already suspended a match.

The action of the Major League Soccer will return from this Wednesday, with a renewed format to be held in a single venue, the Disney world, to start the path of the 2020 season and cancel the only two dates that were played back in March prior to the suspension by COVID-19.

The game that will open this year’s campaign in North American football will be that of the host, Orlando City, in his duel with the brand new franchise that has David Beckham as co-owner: Inter Miami.

The news was several in recent days, from the forced discharge of FC Dallas before the appearance of 10 positive cases of coronavirus on its campus, to the postponement of the duel that had to be played in the last turn this Wednesday, between Nashville SC and Chicago Fire when five diagnosed in the first of the mentioned equipment were detected.

That is why the challenge of the MLS will be to make the bubble effective in the headquarters of Florida and prevent the virus from entering, after weeks of preparation with a strict protocol and acclimatization within a headquarters in which it is hoped they will not unleash. more cases in pursuit of competition development.

In this sense, it will also be a good reference for the NBA, which is also scheduled to continue its 2019/20 season at Disney from July 30.

As for the format of North American soccer, there will be 25 participants after the desertion of Dallas; what will happen with Nashville is also awaited. Six groups were proposed, six in A and four in the rest, although now B has one less after the fall of the Texan cast.

The zones were divided respecting the conferences (the East in A, C and D; the West in B, E and F): the first three of group A, added to the two best of the rest of the lots will advance to eighth end. To these 15 will be added the three best scores accumulated among third parties in groups B through F and the one that finishes in fourth place in A.

MLS is Back, as it is called, enters the scene amid uncertainty over the pandemic, will have Seattle Sounders as defending champion and hopes to complete its campaign in a turbulent year that clouded sports action.

Photo: Patrick Smith / Getty Images

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