Mourinho warns his players: “The attitude is not negotiable”

Mourinho warns his players: "The attitude is not negotiable"

After the fight between Son and Lloris grabbed attention in Tottenham, the Portuguese recalled that the winning teams always demonstrate strong character.

Jose Mourinho He spoke at a press conference this Wednesday before the game for the Premier League Thursday before Bournemouth. The technician of Tottenham He referred again to the episode between Korean Son and goalkeeper Lloris in the duel against Everton and reiterated that he is “very happy” to see that level of passion on the field.

“There is unpredictability in soccer games, sometimes you deserve to win and others not, but some things are not negotiable, such as character, being demanding of yourself, of others. Sometimes you must be an external source of motivation for your Comrade. That often leads to discussions, but I think that is something very important, “the Portuguese began in conference.

“So, I was very happy with the team’s attitude during the game. Of course, I would prefer that the discussions take place inside the locker room, not because people can interpret it differently. But I think it was something new on the team, something that the players do more internally, be demanding of each other and grow together, “he explained.

What Mou did make clear is that his attitude cannot be absent from his teams. “I always say that those have the winning teams, and I told my players, there are things that are not negotiable. What is not negotiable is the attitude, the soul, the DNA, the character,” he said.

At the same time, Mourinho stressed that there is a big problem in the current schools: the lack of communication between colleagues.

“I think, taking examples from my time as an assistant coach in Barcelona, ​​in Porto, about 25 years ago, players used to be together all the time. There was no Xbox, PlayStation, social media, players used to spend all their time together. Even In the hotels, the players were together all the time, that made it much easier to develop intimacy, trust, build a certain dynamic in the group, “he said.

“We need to stimulate it again, that the players are not locked in their own shell. It is a team effort, this is a team sport, it is not played alone.
Silence bothers me. I hate silence in a locker room, in a meeting. My team the other day showed me that they need to improve that, “he closed.

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