Pogba highlights midfield connection to attack at United

Pogba highlights midfield connection to attack at United

“It is beautiful,” said the French footballer on the link between him and Bruno Fernandes along with the forwards.

Paul Pogba enjoy being able to play alongside Bruno Fernandes, since according to their vision, both form a prominent link with the attackers of Manchester United.

The Red Devils extended their undefeated streak to 16 games in all competitions with their recent results and their forwards played a leading role in this.

Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood shared eight goals, while the Portuguese midfielder added four more, in addition to providing a couple of assists.

Along the same lines, Pogba showed a great state of form since the restart after the break after returning from an injury and showing his importance in midfield for his team.

“From behind, I just enjoy it. I’m just enjoying watching Bruno, Rashford, Martial and Mason, who played the last game, and seeing them score goals,” the Frenchman told United’s official website before Thursday’s game. at Aston Villa’s house.

“You just applaud, it’s beautiful. They make me enjoy soccer all the time. However, there is defensive work that people don’t talk about, they do it. The pressing thing, they do it. That’s what you might not see so much.” stood out the French at offensive level and in defense of the mancuniano set.

Along the same lines, Pogba praised: “Fans who know football see that and that is the difference we have, and it is great to see them (their teammates at their best. I think it is about the mentality, the attack and the defense, talent speaks for itself: goals, action and football, everything. “

In this regard, Pogba feels that Fernandes and United’s attack line want to strive for more, a trait that makes them even more dangerous. “For example, Martial scored three goals, his first hat-trick, and then he goes again. He wants to take another ball home, you know,” he said of his compatriot’s ambition.

“You have to have this mindset, score a goal and do it over and over … Bruno, Rashy (Rashford), Mason … If you score two goals, great, but go for three, why not? You have to keep this mentality. And holding the bow at zero too. That is also the mentality of this club, it has always been like that. We are never satisfied with a trophy or a game that we won, or two or 10 games. You want more, you always want more. is what makes Manchester United the biggest club for me in England, “said Pogba.

Photo: Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

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