Rivaldo recognizes Madrid’s leadership and invites Barça to self-criticism

Rivaldo recognizes Madrid's leadership and invites Barça to self-criticism

The Brazilian, a former Blaugrana player, feels that the questions towards the VAR were to “divert attention” in the face of the turbulent moment that Quique Setién’s team is experiencing.

Barcelona It is not going through its best moment at a soccer level. The Blaugranas do not depend on themselves to win The league while from the club, the locker room and the president, Josep María Bartomeu, pointed out in recent days to the VAR for having favored Real Madrid.

However, a referent culé as it is Rivaled invited the Catalan club to make self-criticism in this present and recognize the level of the meringue pointer.

“Barcelona was the leader of La Liga before the break and now the one ahead is Real Madrid. You cannot say that VAR is responsible for all this, especially when you see how Barça plays. Although they are fighting for La Liga, it is Obviously they are going through a bad time, so you start pointing out things like the VAR to justify yourself before the press and the fans and thus claim that it is not your fault, that of the players or that of the coach, “said, crudely, the one who He was a player of the Blaugrana team in statements to Betfair.

“In my opinion, Barcelona’s problem is not the VAR or the arbitration decisions. The fundamental problem is the low quality of their football. They need to improve to return to their style and make everyone fall in love. It is normal that sometimes they bother you the decisions of the VAR, but I always said that I do not think that in arbitrations there is premeditation in favor of Real Madrid or Barcelona. Bartomeu’s statements have different objectives, but fundamentally he intended to divert media attention from the turbulent moment that the team is experiencing “, added the world champion with Brazil twice.

Concern for Barcelona-Napoli in the Champions League

“Barcelona will always be fighting for La Liga and it is a title that has won many times in recent years. No, that does not worry me. What worries me, seeing the low pace of the team, is the Champions League, which should be the main one The club’s objective: without an audience, with Napoli thrown … the return of the round of 16 can be dangerous for Barcelona, ​​and if they qualify, it is clear to them that they must improve to face the final among the top eight in Lisbon. is far, the Champions League is just around the corner, “says the Brazilian with a view to the rematch match to be played in August.

Neymar, the solution

Rivaldo believes that the bad season culé invites to make bold decisions in the market, such as getting Neymar’s return: “Everything points to the fact that the Lautaro (Martínez) clause has already expired and that Barcelona would have to negotiate with Inter. doubt, I think the team should focus on Neymar. And do it now for this (European) summer. If Neymar joins Messi, they will be again that sensational team that won so many years ago. It is the best signing to cheer on the group and to give alternatives to the games, and even give Messi rest. “

Photo: GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP via Getty Images

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