The AFA already has the protocol for the return to practices

The AFA already has the protocol for the return to practices

The Medical Commission established the necessary points so that footballers can resume work on the grounds of their clubs. Subtract the approval of the Ministry of Health.

The Argentine Football Association continues with the preparation of a proposal that will transfer the National Government in pursuit of returning to training, under the strictest security measures. After a meeting via Zoom platform, the Medical Commission completed a general protocol that would be brought next week by Claudio Tapia (president of the AFA) and Marcelo Tinelli, boss of Superliga, to the Ministry of Health.

Although Nicolás Russo, president of Lanús and member of the governing body of soccer in that country, went ahead to put as a tentative date “August 5 or 10”, the professionals remain waiting for the quarantine to go to the required Phase 4, when the contagion curve begins to descend.

The protocol, as published by TyC Sports, consists of seven points, of which number 4 is the most salient, aimed at the security measures that must be strictly observed by both footballers and club employees. They are divided into three parts: “a) Behavior in training; b) Diagnoses and follow-ups; c) Measurements in the facilities and transfers”.

In the first of these, a maximum of six footballers per practice session are set, being the only ones excepted from using a mouthpiece during the physical routine, in addition to the fact that each group will have its assigned coach. It is recommended that they do not occupy the same position to respect the 1.5-meter distance and hygiene issues are highlighted: washing and disinfecting hands and sports equipment, avoiding contact with the eyes and mouth, avoiding the sharing of water bottles or kill, as well as the contacts between them and salivation.

In the second section, a close follow-up is proposed to detect symptoms related to COVID-19, especially in the respiratory tract. The different tests they will undergo must be carried out in public entities so as not to deprive the results of the official reports. The first check-up will be 72 hours before the resumption to avoid asymptomatic cases, another one before the first practice and then weekly. There will also be tests for those who participate in the sessions and, if there is a positive case, they will not be able to participate, since only those who have given a negative will be admitted.

And the third point refers to the fact that athletes must move by their means to the training grounds and that they must be disinfected periodically. In the case of footballers who do not have their own means of transport, the club must take care of providing them with the “door to door” service, since it cannot be shared with a partner.

In the rest of the text, the clubs are urged to be in charge of risk assessment and to know in detail the forms of contagion. In addition, it is calculated that the total cost for each institution will be approximately 750 thousand pesos per month, under an calculation that each test costs 1,500 pesos, multiplied by an average of 60 people who must undergo the analysis at least five times per month.

Photo: FEDERICO PARRA / AFP via Getty Images

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