A UFC star wants to hire Marcelo Gallardo for his team

Marcelo Gallardo

The fans of River do not want to know anything with the departure of Marcelo Gallardo of the technical management of the team. The coach has been six very successful years in the Millionaire, in which he won 11 titles, seven of them international. And he achieved some of the great feats in the history of the club, such as the Olympic return in Madrid against Mouth. But there are several teams that want to Gallant as a technician. And a UFC star joined the race and asked for it for the club he is a fan of.

“I know what a great job he’s doing at River. If Jorge Jesús leaves, I want to Marcelo Gallardo in the team, “said José Aldo, one of the world’s most famous mixed martial arts fighters, speaking to Somos MMA. The Brazilian fighter is recognized in his country for his success in contact sports, but also for being one of the great fans of Flamengo, the current champion of the Copa Libertadores, who just beat River in that final.

In the last days, a strong rumor began to spread, indicating the possible departure of Jorge Jesús, the Portuguese coach of Flamengo. Jesús is on the radar of Benfica, the club where he spent the best years of his coaching career in Europe. The Portuguese team is closing a disappointing campaign and is about to lose the NOS League title to Porto. So think of Flamengo’s coach. And in Flamengo the name of Gallant.

José Aldo is not the only one who thinks about Gallant to lead Flamengo. A few days ago a survey was conducted in Brazil and the Doll came out as the winner to be the technical director of Mengao in case Jorge Jesús does not continue in office. Flamengo fans want Gallardo to be their coach, although they must wait. El Muñeco has already assured that he will stay to fulfill his contract in River until December 2021. And perhaps he will extend his stay a little more.

Gallant It has appeared on the radar of many teams in recent weeks. Valencia made it known that it was on the list of possible coaches and also rang for Betis, who has just hired Manuel Pellegrini as coach. Gallant It is also in the portfolio of sports directors of the largest teams in France such as PSG and Monaco. The River coach played and was champion in both teams in his time as a footballer and the French teams follow in his footsteps closely.

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