Azpilicueta: “Our job is to finish as high as possible”

Azpilicueta: "Our job is to finish as high as possible"

The Chelsea captain hopes his team will earn a place in the Champions League despite the decision TAS makes with Manchester City.

César Azpilicueta say what Chelsea has to take responsibility for his own destiny to try to finish within the top four of the Premier and qualify for the next Champions League despite the fact that this Monday they will know the result of the appeal of Manchester City in the TAS.

The blue team comes from losing this Saturday against Sheffield United, but Leicester’s defeat this day allowed him to retain third place in the table.

“Listen, our job is to be as high as possible on the table. We reached third place and we have to play from here until the end of the season each game as if it were a final and get as many points as possible,” commented the Spaniard before the press.

The Chelsea captain urged his teammates not to lose concentration in the final leg of the Premier. “When you are a Chelsea player you have to give it your all in every training session. Chelsea has always had very good players, world class players. We know we have to fight for our place,” he said.

“The standards are high and you have to aspire to the maximum. This ambition must be maintained and we know that the team we have at the moment is the one that can achieve this season’s objectives,” he added.

Although Chelsea have a “favorable” game against Norwich on Tuesday, those led by Frank Lampard will close the English league with two more complex games against Liverpool and Wolves.

“We know we are not at our best. We have conceded many goals and there have been difficulties in every game. Now we have to fight together. We have three games left in the Premier League in the next 15 days and we will do everything possible to finish between the first four “, closed.

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