Memo Ochoa is turning 35 today

Memo Ochoa esta cumpliendo 35 años el día de hoy

Born in the city of Guadalajara but with an Americanist heart, on July 13, 1985, one of the best Mexican goalkeepers of all time, Guillermo Ochoa, arrived in the world and time has been in charge of confirming it.

From a very young age he knew that his future was within a soccer field and more precise that he wanted to be a goalkeeper, the only position that could be a whole career on the field or sitting on the bench. Because of his fortune and great ability, he was the first option. Champion in Mexico and with the Mexican National Team has consolidated it, in addition to being the first Mexican goalkeeper to play in Europe.

His career started with Club América, a team that gave him confidence in a match against Monterrey after Adolfo Ríos a historical of Mexican soccer was injured. That day his team won 3-2 in distant 2004.

At just 18 years old he started his path in football and that today that he has turned 35 he can say that he has fulfilled each of his goals for which he fought since his debut, his trip to Europe and if he returned to the team of his loves, well like all the titles he has achieved with Selection.

After several tournaments in uncertainty for not knowing if he would play again in 2005 Mario Carrillo it was the coach who gave him the opportunity once Leo Beenhaker gave. Only one tournament later América would be crowned in Liga MX with Ochoa in goal. The player’s only title with the Eagles. After that, the position was his until 2010, when he decided to try his luck in France.

He Ajaccio, then he Malaga in Spain and the Pomegranate, two teams that trusted him to take care of their bows. For the final phase of his career in Europe, he was offered by Standard de Liege from Belgium where the figure was all the time he was, until in 2019 he returned to Club América.

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