Perpignan, a club that wants to return to the elite of France

Perpignan, a club that wants to return to the elite of France

The French Catalan club knew how to be at the top of the Top 14, knew how to attract the eyes of the rugby world and celebrate historical championships.

With its creation in the early 1900s and its first championship achieved in 1914, the Perpignan club began its immense history and career in rugby in their country.

The Stade Aimé Giral Stadium, which houses 15 thousand people, was the scene of many epics of the local club and hosted great players figures of world rugby.

Perpignan won seven titles (1914, 1921, 1925, 1938, 1944, 1955 and 2009) in the highest division in France and was a finalist in nine more tournaments in which he could not achieve the championship. Since 2018 he has played the Pro D2, French second division and his greatest desire is to return to the Top 14.

In the 2017/2018 season, he achieved the Pro D2 championship and climbed to the Top 14, but the joy did not last long. In the following season it descended again. Since then his only objective is to return to the highest category.

Jaguares captain Jerónimo de la Fuente will join the list of Argentines who wore the Catalan club shirt. The undoubtedly most outstanding Argentine player Perpignan had was Rimas Álvarez Kairelis. The second line that emerged in Pucará played from 2001 to 2011 and is currently the club’s sports manager.

Rimas Álvarez was part of the team that achieved the Top 14 title in 2009 along with Sebastián Bozzi (2005-2009) who entered from the bench of substitutes in that final against Clermont. That squad also had the presence of the great Dan Carter who did not have much continuity in his time in Perpignan due to injuries but shone whenever he could.

The other outstanding Argentines who went through USAP were Alejandro Allub (2000-2001) Ignacio Mieres (2009), Alejandro Moreno (2002-2004), Agustín Lopresti (2005-2006), José Orengo (2001-2002), Federico Martín Aramburu ( 2006-2008), Martín García Veiga (2018) and Germán Bustos (2004-2005).

In addition to the aforementioned Dan Carter, Perpignan had other great world rugby stars such as Scott Robertson, Percy Montgomery, James Hook, Ramiro Pez, Maxime Mermoz and Raphael Ibañez.

Jerónimo de la Fuente will join a club that is eager to return to the elite of French rugby starting in 2021. In the season that was canceled due to the world pandemic, he was second with chances of promotion. Starting next season, the goal will be none other than to put Perpignan back in the Top 14.

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