Pogba: “If we continue as before, there is nothing that can stop us”

Pogba: "If we continue as before, there is nothing that can stop us"

The French midfielder shows full confidence for the level of Manchester United, his undefeated 17 games and for qualifying for the next Champions League.

Paul Pogba feel that Manchester United They are a strong team again having found balance and are confident that they will not be stopped if they continue on their current path.

The Red Devils are undefeated 17 games in all competitions and have the opportunity to reach third place in the Premier League in their duel on Monday against Southampton.

Meanwhile, the FA Cup and the Europa League are also available targets in the current season for United, renewed after suffering ups and downs under the leadership of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

“It’s about the team, you can call it a suitable team,” the French midfielder told the United Review. “Sometimes before, maybe we were too defensive or too offensive and we didn’t have this balance or this control; now you can see that we have that balance,” he said.

In addition, the world champion with the Gallic selected in Russia 2018 detailed: “There is more structure and we have been working hard on it. The improvement is huge, and it shows. It is always good to have that improvement, but you do not want to stop, you have to continue working”.

On the other hand, Pogba wants the team to continue its evolution in pursuit of being the best in the English league behind Liverpool and Manchester City. “There are many things to do, we are not there yet (at the highest level), but we are on the way. And if we continue doing what we are doing now, I think there is nothing that can stop us from getting to where we should be,” he confided. .

In addition, the star midfielder from the Mancunian cast was optimistic that he could reach the Champions League next season. “We have to think about ourselves. If we win all our matches, I don’t think we have anything to worry about. We have to win. We don’t think about other teams or other results, we have to focus on ourselves,” he said.

“United is about (winning) trophies, we know that, and there are trophies that we know we can win and win. We don’t want to miss this opportunity. We will do our best to get those two trophies (FA Cup and Europa League) giving it all “Every game is a final and we have to get the result we need. That is the mindset. It is never enough for us, we have to continue, keep fighting and striving to improve more and more,” concluded Pogba.

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