Will the most generous version of Messi reach Barcelona?

Will the most generous version of Messi reach Barcelona?

The Argentine 10 reduced his number of goals since the return after the break, increased his number of assists and expects a stumble from Real Madrid so that this facet crowns Barça.

Lionel Messi he changed his facet and entered generous mode. Since he returned from confinement, the player from Rosario distributed more assists regarding the goals he scored, a fact that is particularly striking.

Typically, his records had to do with so many converts while dominating goal-passing records. But everything that is put in the head of Messi reaches an exalted level and, with his assistance to Arturo Vidal last Saturday against Valladolid, he already equaled the best year of one of the greatest pass masters that Spanish football has ever seen .

This new facet is unprecedented in him and was uncovered after the break. Until March 14, when soccer went home to stop the expansion of COVID-19, La Pulga had been as protagonist as usual in the scorer aspect. The 10 Blaugrana, even, allowed himself to score a goal poker for Eibar in late February, days before the start of confinement. However, he returned less goalscorer than before, which did not deprive him of reaching goal 700 in his career either.

Before After
22Matches played 9
67%Dribbles successfully 58%
55Passes per game 69
83%Pass Accuracy 83%
0.5Assists per game 0.9
2.5Shots per match 1.3
0.9Goals per game 0.3

Messi, however, does not fail. His ancestry continues to be decisive not for the goalscorer but for his role as assistant and currently having reduced his goalscoring contribution by two thirds, he managed to multiply his goal passes by two.

Will it be enough to reach Real Madrid?

The white box was already able to truncate Messi’s good scoring streak in the Clásico and, after being confined, the player from Rosario converted three goals in nine games, a rate significantly lower than before the brake.

The bad thing is that Barcelona is not with him. The culé team does not take advantage of this new version of Messi, more pending to connect with the midfielders and to engage with the forwards, which has also allowed Antoine Griezmann to redefine his position and show his best qualities, although the Frenchman will miss the final section of La Liga due to injury.

It is evident that the team reaches the final stretch asking for the time and not even the assistant Messi gives him to compete against Madrid, which does not have much light in his game either but he was more solid defensively speaking.

Photo: CESAR MANSO / AFP via Getty Images

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