Suárez: “In La Liga you have to be self-critical, we let it slip away”

Suárez: "In La Liga you have to be self-critical, we let it slip away"

Real Madrid is one step away from consecrating itself and the Uruguayan striker from Barcelona assures that there is no need to find excuses.

Real Madrid is one step away from taking the title of The league and could be consecrated on Thursday before Villarreal. Barcelona He knew how to be the leader of the tournament, but he lost the leadership and Luis Suarez he does not want to make excuses, but proposes to make self-criticism.

“In the League you have to be self-critical: we let it escape ourselves. We are aware that we depended on ourselves and not look for any excuse. Now, for our pride and for the prestige of Barça, we have to win the two remaining games and then focus squarely on the only title we can fight, which is the Champions League, “said the Uruguayan striker in dialogue with Mundo Deportivo.

And he added: “If those of us on campus perform at the level of why we are in this club, we can fight anyone. A failure in a game can be expensive, so we have to be very vigilant and we need everyone to be able to get the Champions. “

Suarez referred to the points lost by the Barcelona team and the controversies of the VAR in the Madrid matches. “It is clear that if we had been up to the task in games like against Sevilla, which is a rival that can tie you, but especially in Vigo, which was a very hard blow and Atlético came right after. Minimize the details of the VAR is sometimes difficult. “

“Yes, Gerard and the president made their demonstrations public, but I think that the rivals were also fighting important things like Athletic, Getafe … and they were the ones who were hurt. This time, not only did we get hurt, but I think we shouldn’t look for so many excuses, but be self-critical and face reality, “he repeated.

“I think we have to be aware that the chip, the dynamics that we show in Villarreal is the right path, that when we want to fight for important things, such as the Champions League, which is what we have left, all of us who are on the campus, if we are at 150%, we can achieve the objective, “concluded Charrúa.

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