All Argentine players who passed through Stade Francais

All Argentine players who passed through Stade Francais

Some left their stamp and will remain in the memory or in the photo with a title. Others passed and did not have much filming. While for a handful it was the entrance to European rugby. Argentines and Stade Français have a relationship of more than two decades with celebrations and disappointments. Now the challenge is for Pablo Matera, Nicolás Sánchez and Marcos Kremer who are part of the team led by another Argentine: Gonzalo Quesada.

The door was opened by Diego Domínguez when he was champion in 2000, he is also the owner of the record with the most points that an Argentine scored in the team with 1257. On the other hand, Sergio Parisse throughout his 15 years in the club, is the player with the most presences since he wore the shirt of the whole of Paris in 265 opportunities and added 47 tries. He is closely followed by Rodrigo Roncero who in eight years played 239 matches. Another outstanding fact is that Ignacio Corleto was champion three times, Juan Martín Hernández and Agustín Pichot two. An analysis of all the players who passed through the French team.

Diego Domínguez (1998-2004): The six years served to remain in the memory of the Stade Français. In 1998, he was the first Argentine to win the Top 16 (that was the name of the contest at the time) and, in the final against Perpignan, he scored nine points with three conversions and a penalty. He returned to the Olympic round in 2000 and 2003. He retired from rugby in the team with a framework according to his extensive career: champion for the fourth time in 2004 in the Top 16. In his stay at the Stade, he played 102 games and scored 1257 points, the highest number for an Argentine with the colors of the club.

Patricio Noriega (2000): He had a fleeting passage between Brumbies and Waratahs. The pillar emerged in Hindú went to try his luck in Europe and could do little since he only played one game in the roster for the Champions Cup. He returned in 2013 as a forwards coach, along with the coaching staff led by Gonzalo Quesada.

Ignacio Corleto (2001-2009): He spent a year in Narbonne and then his entire career in Europe was developed at the Stade Français, where he was able to demonstrate his full quality as a fullback. One of the most loved players by the Parisian public. The CUBA man quickly adapted to the team where he won the titles of the 2002/03 seasons (one try), 2003/04 and 2006/07. He reached the final of the 2005 Champions Cup and in his eight years he added 123 games and scored 30 tries.

Juan Martín Hernández (2003-2008): He came and showed all his quality as a player. The Stade Français knew how to enjoy his best rugby and was the home that saw him become the great figure of the 2007 World Cup with Los Pumas. He played 113 games and scored 581 points, 233 of them in the 07/08 season. He also left his sealed in the ingoal with 26 tries. He won the Top 14 of 2003/04 and 2006/07, the final in which he scored thirteen key points for the Parisian team to prevail over Clermont 23-18. He also made it to the 2005 Champions Cup final against Toulouse.

Agustín Pichot (2003-2007 and 2008/09): True to his leader lineage, he led the team to the 2004 title and then the 2007 championship. In the latter title, he indulged in a decisive try in the final against Clermont 23-18. He returned after a year at Racing 92 and retired at Stade Français in the 2008/09 season. He played 74 games and scored eight tries.

Rodrigo Roncero (2004-2012): He had a great stage at the club where he became champion in 2007 and reached three more finals: one for the Top 14, another for the Champions Cup and the rest for the Challenge Cup. He played 239 games, the second Argentinean who played the most games behind Parisse, and scored 17 tries. He left an unforgettable mark on the front line of the team.

Lucas Borges (2004-2007): The wing emerged in Pucará in the first year managed to reach the final of the French tournament and was part of the squad that was consecrated in the Top 14 of 2007. That year he played eleven games and scored a try. Throughout his three years on campus, he accumulated 35 games and left his signature at the ingoal eight times.

Gonzalo Quesada (2004-2005, 2013-2017 and 2020- …): His time as a player was one season and that year the team reached the final of the Top 16. He was present in nine games in that tournament and, in addition, he played two games for the Champions Cup. He scored 41 points. His great step in the Paris team was as a coach (2013-2017) with the Top 14 title in the 2014/15 season, which crowned him as the first Argentine coach to be champion in that league. Subsequently, in 2017, he led the team to win the Challenge Cup. Now he returned again to write new stories at the Stade Français.

Sergio Parisse (2005-2019): He made the majority of his career on the pink team and was drenched in many titles. In his 15 years at the club, the third row left a great legacy that includes two Top 14 titles (2007 and 2015) and a Challenge Cup trophy, in 2017. He played 206 games for the local tournament and 59 for European competitions. In the 265 games he played he scored 47 tries. As an Argentine he took two records: the one with the most games played at the Stade Français and the Creole who scored the most tries at the club.

Tomás Vallejos Cinalli (2005): He had an ephemeral step as a medical joker for three and a half months in which he played four games, two of them as a starter, and added 203 minutes.

Pablo Henn (2005-2006): It was the entry to professional rugby for the player from Hindú who only played one season. Then he continued his tour of other clubs in France and England. In the Parisian team he played six games and scored one try.

Pedro Ledesma (2006-2011): His international career was carried out exclusively at the Stade Français. He played five years. In his first season, he managed to become champion and played the final against the Clermont of his brother Mario. He played 38 games during his stay in Paris, 30 for the Top 14, four for the Champions Cup and four for the Challenge Cup.

Juan Gómez (2006-2007): The pillar that emerged in Los Matreros had a step one year that served as a springboard to continue for several more years his professional career in clubs in Europe. He played four games in the Top 14 of that season.

Juan Manuel Leguizamón (2008-2011): He arrived and in his first season he played 27 games, 22 for the Top 14 (reached the semifinals) and five for the Champions Cup. He scored four tries, two in each competition. The following year he played 19 matches, 15 for the domestic championship and four for the European club championship and added a conquest. In his last year, he entered the court in 15 matches in the French tournament and in five in the Challenge Cup. In total, he played 61 matches with six tries.

Ignacio Mieres (2008-2010): His two years were completely different on the Parisian team. The first one arrived and, having no quota as a foreigner, he went to Perpignan as a medical joker for four months. He returned and managed to establish himself by playing twelve games: ten for the Top 14 and two for the Champions Cup. He scored points only in the French tournament with 14 units as a result of a try, a penalty and three conversions.

Martín Rodríguez Gurruchaga (2010-2013): His only tour of domestic rugby in another country was in France and the three seasons at the Stade Français. He totaled 54 games and added 99 points as a result of eight tries, thirteen penalties, two drops and seven conversions. In November 2013, he terminated the contract he had until June 2014 and returned to play for Atlético del Rosario.

Gonzalo Tiesi (2010-2012): He arrived with all the enthusiasm and the start was good, since he played 17 games, thirteen for the Top 14 and four for the Challenge where he scored a try. However, injuries had him mistreated the following season and he only played a single match for the Challenge Cup.

Felipe Contepomi (2011-2013): It was two seasons before retiring at the club that saw him born, Newman. In the first year he played 20 games, 18 for the Top 14 and two for the Challenge Cup. He scored 113 and 18 points respectively. The second season he played ten games, eight local and two for Challenge (Stade Français reached the final) and totaled 41 points.

Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro (2011-2013): From La Plata RC direct to Paris was the path of the General Madariaga native who had to adapt to professional rugby where he totaled eight games. The first year he was in five presentations and the remaining three in the following season. Of those eight matches, three were for the Challengue Cup, two in 2011/12 and the other the following year.

Juan Cruz Guillemain (2012-2015): The San Juan second line was part of the squad for three seasons and had no space to demonstrate their game. With little filming, it was only taken into account in nine games, in which he scored three conquests.

Lisandro Gómez López (2012-2013): The Cordovan player emerged in La Tablada and passed through Pampas XV arrived at the Stade and only played one season where he participated in three games, all for the Challenge Cup.

Benjamin Macome (2013-2014): The tucumano signed a season after his good appearances with Pampas XV. He played six games, three of them as a starter and saw the yellow in one opportunity. It totaled 264 minutes.

Santiago García Botta (2014): From Belgrano to Paris he came as a medical joker due to the injury of Heinke Van Der Merwe. In the three months he was with the team he played three games: two for the Top 14 and one for the Challenge Cup.

Benjamin Espinal (2016): He was champion with Belgrano in 2016 and the celebrations could not be extended since a week later he was traveling to Paris as a joker medical. In the four months, he was able to play a single match on the team, against Toulon when he entered the 27th minute of the match.

Ramiro Herrera (2017-2019): In two seasons the Patagonian played 37 games in the first line in which he started 20 times. Before changing clubs in France, he totaled 1,325 minutes on court in the Stade Français jersey.

Nicolás Sánchez (2018- …): It arrived after a successful passage through Jaguares. So far, he has played 28 games: 14 games for the Top 14 2018/19 and two for the Challenge of the same year. So far this season he has had nine presentations in the Top 14 and three in the Challenge Cup. In the two years he added 220 points as a result of two tries, 50 penalties, two drops and 27 conversions.

Pablo Matera (2019- …): The current captain of Los Pumas, joined the team then participated together with the Argentine team in the World Cup in Japan 2019. On his short journey with the Parisians he added eight games, seven for the Top 14 and one for the Challenge Cup where he saw the card yellow against Bristol.

Marcos Kremer (2020 -…): The native of Concordia is the brand new addition to the current team that Gonzalo Quesada commands. After a successful passage through Jaguares and at just 22 years old, the third line (he can also play second) is one of the Paris club’s strong bets to improve the role he has been showing in the current seasons.

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