Setién: “The League is not lost yet”

Setién: "The League is not lost yet"

The Barcelona coach recognizes the difficulty of achieving the title in the Spanish tournament and credits Real Madrid for the perfect move.

Quique Setién faced the microphones in the run up to the penultimate game of the season in The league and which may be the last chance to fight for the title, punctually because if Real Madrid wins their match it will have ensured their consecration.

Barcelona receives on Thursday Osasuna in the duel corresponding to the 37th day of the calendar and, among his outstanding statements, a response to the hopeless message of Luis Suárez appeared, who considers that the title is practically in the hands of the merengue box.

Is the League lost?

“It is the opinion of Luis Suárez. The League is not yet lost because anything can happen, but it is true that it is difficult. It is his merit (from Madrid) because he won everything, rather than our demerit, which is true that we have left three They are ahead and they surely made things better because they won eight games and they still have these two left, which is possible that they can win, but also that things that sometimes happen in football can happen and we will continue fighting until the end. “

Messi’s break

“Surely many players need to rest, but everyone is losing a bit of lucidity and spark. We have already talked a lot about this topic … I see Leo well. It is true that there may be some records that perhaps he is not complying with respect to from other years, but he is a footballer of a stratospheric level. If it is not in goals, it is in assists. Everything we had to say about him, we have already said. “

Your future in Catalonia

“If I see myself training for Barça next season? Of course I see myself. The reality is that sometimes the claims that are made do not reach, or yes, but behind there is a job done that is what has to be valued. I understand or would like that to be valued. If the work is good or if more could have been achieved. Of course I think of continuity next year. “

In this regard, he added that “the president is the one who speaks. I have nothing to say” and said that “I comment … I speak of my perceptions in planning for next season and we try to reach agreements for when decisions have to be made I imagine that also according to other instances of the club. “

Responsibility for a leaking League

“I am one more part, I assume my part of the responsibility, but not totally. Finding a single culprit would be one more part for having tied three games. It would give more merit to Madrid, which has won everything.”

Message to have a short staff

“There was a lack of freshness in the last game, but I didn’t say we were tired. The team has performed quite well, but the rival also has things to do and demonstrate. Other teams rotated a lot and we couldn’t do that much.”

Return of Frenkie De Jong

“He probably has minutes. He’s in a very good mood already, with the problem forgotten. We’ll see if he plays from the start or during the game.”

Photo: CESAR MANSO / AFP via Getty Images

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