From the Source in Scrum: the 10 most outstanding phrases

From the Source in Scrum: the 10 most outstanding phrases

In an exclusive interview with Scrum, Jerónimo de la Fuente touched on several themes: the reasons for his departure from Jaguares and his arrival at Perpignan, his goals with Los Pumas, his experiences in Super Rugby, the future of the selected team, his funniest anecdotes, his role as captain …

In recent years, the future center of the French team that plays in the Pro D2 and dreams of returning to the Top 14 has become one of the most outstanding players in Argentine rugby. Review your best phrases in this hand in hand that you had with Scrum.

1- “I liked the project that Perpignan has. It is a historic club, I liked the challenge of having to contribute my grain of sand to return to the Top 14. It is a city very passionate about rugby, it is similar to the feeling of Goblins and what I experienced in Jaguares. I need that from the fan. “

2- “The staff of Los Pumas gave me total confidence, they were happy for me. They know what I give for the Argentine shirt … And in Perpignan they want me to be in Los Pumas; that speaks well of the club and is a of the reasons why I made the decision. “

3- “It is an obligation of mine to be level and well trained, I do not doubt that Perpignan is going to give me that. It is a team that is betting a lot on attack, it plays rugby very well and that will help me to be level to Ledesma can select me. “

4- “I know that Jaguares will continue to be in a competition, we have it very clear. But the UAR needed some players to leave to help. I am sure that the guys who bet on the future of Jaguares will not regret it. Everything This time I looked at photos of Jaguars and imagined the first one in 2016 and the one of the final in Christchurch does remember a lot of things. “

5- “From Jaguares I take the best memories. Going out on the pitch with your friends, defending the same colors, the support of the family … In the final with Crusaders many people went to New Zealand. They are the best memories of me professional life. It is something that I am going to tell my children about tomorrow. “

6- “Bauti Delguy is the one that surprised me the most because of his evolution on the back side. Today you kick him in the back and you know you lost … He leaves you paying.”

7- “As for the forwards, which I think is the best we have, Juli Montoya surprised me with what he was growing as a player. I always admired his work because it is not easy to compete for a position with Agustín Creevy, who is a great player Every time he came in, he broke it, he did not give an arm to twist. Each time he gained more and more minutes and today it is key in both Jaguares and Los Pumas. “

8- “If I could, I would play the final again with Crusaders. Because we played it as an equal and we were not lucky. We generated many opportunities to win it, but we could not do it because of a pass, or also because of the Crusaders job, of course At that final, I would play it a thousand times until I won it. I saw it a lot of times again. “

9- “Gonzalo Quesada made me improve a lot because of the confidence he gave me by giving me the captaincy. We had a great relationship, even though we did not have much and, without a doubt, he was one of the coaches who marked me the most in my career He made me grow as a person and made me mature in all aspects. Argentine rugby and I are going to miss him a lot. “

10- “If everything goes well, it would only be a few months in Pro D2. It will be a season and a half at most. But later I have the possibility of deciding whether or not to stay in the club, if he does not return to Top 14.”

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