Marcelo Rodríguez: “The link with SANZAAR is intact”

Marcelo Rodríguez: "The link with SANZAAR is intact"

More than four months after the stoppage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CEO of SANZAAR, Andy Marinos, presented a status report regarding the Sanzaar negotiations for the resumption of competences:

“The four member unions remain committed to strengthening this long-term link. Beyond the reformatting of domestic competitions due to the evolution of the pandemic in countries such as New Zealand and Australia, there is a unanimous understanding that the value of the SANZAAR alliance and the correct path of Super Rugby towards international rugby remains fundamental to the success, development and long-term competitiveness of the respective National Teams ”.

In the short term, given the uncertainty and restrictions on travel, SANZAAR, together with the member unions, continues to study solutions for 2021 that will excite fans and broadcasters.

On the other hand, it is working to carry out the Rugby Championship 2020 with the aim that it can be announced in the short term. The tournament would take place in a centralized place, such as Australia or New Zealand. Given the current stability of the pandemic, the country of the All Blacks could host the contest, where they are already in talks with the local government. Understanding that Argentina is one of the most conditioned countries in this context, SANZAAR continues to discuss with the Argentine Rugby Union (UAR) possible solutions to provide its players with a preparation that is in line with the rest of the 2020 season.

Marcelo Rodríguez, president of the UAR said: “The link with Sanzaar is intact and the 4 nations are working together to see how to establish international competencies in relation to the impact that this pandemic that affects the entire planet continues to impose on us.”

Finally, Fernando Rizzi, secretary of the UAR and member of the Board of Jaguars: “Each union works in its own context of internal reorganization as a result of the impact of COVID-19. This includes the logical impact on our national competitions, provincial unions and clubs. Also the renegotiations with the broadcasters of each country and the sponsors, fundamental pieces for the development of this structure ”.

Source: UAR PRESS.

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