Márquez: “It is fantastic to return to normal MotoGP life”

Márquez: "It is fantastic to return to normal MotoGP life"

The category champion will try to defend the title starting this weekend, when the season begins in Jerez.

The first test took place on Wednesday at the Jerez circuit, with the beginning of the MotoGP weekend. Marc Márquez, the reigning champion, recounted his feelings in an interview with AS.

“Obviously, it is fantastic to return to normal MotoGP life and competition; to compete again, but the most important thing is to try to help the affected people, millions of people and there will surely be more. All the help we can get to Those affected will be good. The important thing is that we are aware that this virus is still present and we must be patient and very careful, “said the Spanish pilot.

In addition, he spoke of the goal he has for this new season. “The goal is to always fight for victory and for the podiums, every Sunday. Of course we have very good opponents who are going to go very fast, faster this season, but if you want to fight for the title you have to always fight for the podium and the victories, “he said.

Regarding the test on Wednesday, he said: “It was important the day to get back on a MotoGP motorcycle. I had some doubts about both physical and technical performance, but yesterday everything dissipated. As for the physical conditions, I am fine and now In the last hours of the Qatar test we took a big step in the technical aspect, but we did not know if it was due to the circuit or the configuration. Yesterday we confirmed everything, although we will have to continue with the tests starting tomorrow and also do some new ones. “

“The motivation is there. Everyone is very motivated, but when the races start everything gets more uphill and perhaps the first race is not going to be so different from the others, but in the second race on the same circuit everything is sure to be tighter and it will be very different “, closed Márquez.

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