Messi: “This match marks what was the year, you have to do a lot of self-criticism”

Messi: "This match marks what was the year, you have to do a lot of self-criticism"

The Rosario spoke after the defeat against Osasuna and said they have to change the face of the second leg of the Champions League round against Napoli

Lionel Messi He spoke for the Movistar LaLiga and Barça TV cameras after the 2-1 defeat of Barcelona before Osasuna, in the last game of The league, in a Camp Nou that did not maintain its impregnability.

“We did not want to end that way but it marks how we were all year, we were irregular. They beat us by desire, they created easy occasions for us and they score goals for us. We lost many points where we shouldn’t, this match marks what was the year,” he declared the captain culé.

And he added: “This match reflects what we were during the season, an irregular team that disarms to a minimum, which they make goals very easy. We gave away the first part, Osasuna beat us, they did not reach us and we could not give anything away, a lot happened to us. “

Regarding the title won by Zidane’s team, the Rosario expressed: “I think Real Madrid did their thing, they did not lose after the break and they have merit. But we helped so that this League could take it to them, we lost points that we shouldn’t having lost, we have to do self-criticism, the players, yes, but it has to be global. We are Barcelona and we are obliged to win every game. “

“We knew that Real Madrid was going to be the league champion because we let many points escape, but we gave a very bad image and very important things are coming,” he added.

Regarding the gesture he showed after the free kick goal, Messi explained: “It was because of the foul, I had many and he can’t put them in, in the end he went in, there was anger because he couldn’t put it in.”

“The feeling is that whoever tries can, we leave a lot to be desired in many games. They beat us in the first half, we left the rival a lot and in the second we rationed. I said long ago that the Champions League would be very difficult if we want to fight for it we have to change a lot or we will lose to Napoli, “he added.

“We need air, we can use the break and clean our heads. From what happened, it was very bad from December to here, now the Champions starts from scratch and there are four games that can give us a title, we have to do a lot of self-criticism” , repeated the Argentine.

Finally, he did not want to talk about its renovation in Barcelona. “It’s the least of it, the club’s people are angry with what happened this season and it’s normal, we are too, it is logical that they find themselves that way, we come from Rome and Liverpool, people are running out of patience” , Hill.

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