Setién: “I don’t know if I will lead Barcelona in the Champions League”

Setién: "I don't know if I will lead Barcelona in the Champions League"

The coach questioned its continuity after the 2-1 loss to Osasuna and the consecration of Real Madrid in La Liga.

Quique Setién spoke to the press after the defeat of Barcelona 2-1 before Osasuna at Camp Nou, and questioned its continuity ahead of the match rematch against Napoli for the round of 16 of the Champions League.

“The feeling is sad and frustrating. The defeat is absolutely unfair. Maybe not LaLiga because we have left points that have prevented us from keeping up with our rival, very high. I did not expect either team to win everything and the Madrid is on its way. The defeat today is too much, “said the coach.

And he added: “Today’s game was a tracing of what we have found in many others. We found it difficult to find the way to the goal. We managed to get the rivals into their area, but it is difficult for us to control phases, especially in the Cons. Above all, we lacked hitting “.

When journalists asked him if he will coach Barça in the Champions League, Setién replied: “I hope so, but I don’t know. I agree with Messi on some things. With self-criticism. If we are self-demanding, there are things to improve, but also We have done things well. I would not throw everything to the ground. “

“The frustration of the moment means having lost a League, which gives us a lot of courage, but now we have a few days off and the team will surely come clean. It is what we have to deal with from our position, to face that tournament with the maximum illusion, “he added.

Regarding the title obtained by Real Madrid, the manager of the Barcelona team expressed: “They have won 10 out of 10 and we have left ourselves points. Many of those games in which we left ourselves points, we deserved them. For example, against Atlético it was A fair draw. We have not had the fortune that you have when you win something, that you put everything in, as has happened to our rival. There is no need to apologize, it is simply the facts. “

“I am the maximum person in charge. I am qualified and with energies, of course. I am convinced that we are going to be a different team. With a full mental attitude and that we will face the Champions with the maximum guarantees. Until then I can control. The rest I cannot control it. I have already experienced these situations. I wear myself out in what I have to wear out “, he concluded.

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