The reasons why Barça relinquishes the La Liga throne

The reasons why Barça relinquishes the La Liga throne

The perfection of Madrid, a fixture that played against him and irregularity, the factors for which the Blaugrana team missed the title.

It was a frustrating month for Barcelona. With the running of the dates, the 10 that passed in that period and without respite in the effort to close the calendar, the Catalan team saw how their expectations for taking their third title of League consecutive began to decrease until reaching this Thursday, July 16, the day when his classic rival dethroned him.

Those of Quique Setién returned from the break with the advantage of two points in relation to Real Madrid, but the story turned very quickly. So much so, that they were undermined by the irregularity, they left points along the way and the Merengues were crowned a day to go. What were the factors that influenced the collapse of Barça?

The perfection of Madrid, determining

Surely, the culé team imagined an iron fight against Madrid, but they hardly thought that they could win absolutely everything they played. There were 10 victories for those of Zinedine Zidane in the same number of presentations. 30 points. Ideal step in a draining month. A difficult situation to counter in your goal of reaching the title.

The fixture also played against him

On their way from June 13, Barcelona registered draws against Seville (4th) and Atlético de Madrid (3rd), understandable at some point because of the caliber of their opponents and enough to leave them below Madrid. In the middle a 2-2 sneaked with Celta de Vigo, which in reality did not affect the mathematics: it would also be relegated in the escort place. However, that equality before one of those who fight not to descend only accentuated the football crisis. The defeat with Osasuna of this 37th day ends up frustrating the Barcelona team.

Instability in your game

Barça never found their compass and, as the dates progressed between loan points and concern about performance, there were inmates who met on campus. It was even stated that Quique Setién will not continue next season; the only thing that saved him was to overturn La Liga and the Champions League. However, the Cantabrian falters and its presence in the final phase of the UCL is unknown. The self-criticism of Lionel Messi after the fall with Osasuna blanched the disagreement for the level in this campaign.

Photo: LLUIS GENE / AFP via Getty Images

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