Nadal: “The Real Madrid League title is an example of improvement”

Nadal: "The Real Madrid League title is an example of improvement"

The Spanish Rafael Nadal, world tennis legend with 19 Grand Slam titles, 35 Masters 1,000 and double Olympic medalist, has never hidden his passion for Real Madrid and was very happy after the LaLiga title won by those of the French Zinedine Zidane and assured that this success “is a good example of improvement.”

“First, illusion. Second with a great personal commitment from each player. When the players have been at home they have fulfilled their routine, because they have returned in a great state of form, which is more complicated than when you are in a group. For me it is a good example of improvement, passion for what you do and commitment to your professional face, “he said in statements to RealMadrid TV.

“I personally lived a very happy day yesterday for the title, but also very sad for the descent of Mallorca. It is a very important victory within the club because it represents one of the club’s values, the spirit of improvement, ”he added.

A Nadal who pondered the success of Madrid and regretted that it could not be celebrated with the fans: “Without a doubt, it is a title that, within the fact that it is a very special League title, has a merit superior to many others for all the adversities that have arisen. It is also somewhat bittersweet because it cannot be celebrated with the fans and we experience situations that are very sad in many ways, ”he said.

“People are aware of the situation we are in and that we cannot relax. It seems it was for the better, but we still have pockets of contagion. Hopefully we can celebrate the joys with our people in a short time, “he said of the majority compliance by Madrid fans not to go out to celebrate to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The tennis player highlighted defensive solidity as one of the keys to achieving the 34th League in the club’s history: “I stick with professionalism. The commitment has been enormous. The team has managed to be a very solid block, they have scored very few goals and from there it has been the basis of success. It has not been the most goalscoring year that we have had as a team, but perhaps in this particular year the fact of being such a solid block behind has meant that those from the front could develop their talent when necessary, ”he analyzed.

Lastly, Nadal assured that he is still working to get ready for the resumption of the tennis circuit, still without a date: “That is not yet known, I am working at my academy every day and preparing for what may come. Tennis lives a very complicated situation, since it involves people from all over the world. We are waiting for events and hopefully this nightmare will end soon and we can return to the life we ​​have known, “he concluded.

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