Rafael Nadal, the number 1 fan of Real Madrid

Rafael Nadal, the number 1 fan of Real Madrid

That Rafael Nadal is a fan of Real Madrid is not news. It’s known. Like Roger Federer with Basel, Novak Djokovic with Milan, Dominic Thiem with Chelsea, Milos Raonic with Barcelona … even Andy Murray the Hibernian. Hey, even Stefan Edberg is happy with Leeds’ promotion.

In fact, he thanked the team: “First, hope. Second with a great personal commitment from each player. When the players have been at home they have fulfilled their routine, because they have returned in a great state of form, which is more complicated than when you are in a group. For me it is a good example of self-improvement, passion for what you do and commitment to your professional side. “

And his time was hurt because the whole of his place lost the category: “Personally I lived a very happy day with the title of Madrid, but I also felt sad for the decline of Mallorca.”

But the story does not have to do with the joy of Manacor regarding the 34th league that Madrid stayed with after a perfect post-stop sprint. Neither did Barcelona throw their chances overboard and Lionel Messi went out to shoot everyone in the media. It has to do with Rafa’s fanaticism, which goes beyond this present.

Nadal has been in the White House for as long as he can remember. “If I had had the opportunity to play for Real Madrid, I would not have continued in tennis, although that is the wrong team,” said Toni Nadal a few years ago.

When a journalist wanted to rush him regarding his choice of team, he was blunt: “I don’t think I have to explain to anyone why I am a Real Madrid player. Are you a Barcelona player? Well, I am a Real Madrid player. We each choose the team that wants as long as there is no fanaticism, the extremes are not good. Without extremes, you have the power and the freedom to choose the teams you want. “

The municipal plenary session of the Madrid City Council, unanimously of all the political groups, awarded the city’s Gold Medal to Rafa Nadal. Nadal thanked Madrid for his support of sport, tennis and him personally, and noted that every time he plays in the capital, the fans made him feel like another man from Madrid. Yes, that kid from Manacor.

Rafa even went so far as to ask that they delay a game that he had to play in Rotterdam to see the Champions League, in a duel in which Madrid faced Roma in 2008: “Deferred is not the same”, he threw.

But Nadal has his limits. He enjoys his team but he doesn’t see himself as president … Or does he? “I never said that I wanted to be the president of Real Madrid, I simply answered that question. And if they ask me if I would like to have that job, my answer cannot be more than positive. In any case, Real has a great president who can guarantee a great future to all fans. “

Without going any further, he proclaimed what would come from this Spanish League: “Madrid has cheated me after a difficult last year and a difficult start to the season. I only speak of Madrid as a fan and not as a soccer expert. Like I think it is very difficult for an athlete when we have had many months of bad dynamics to change it radically. “

“Madrid at the beginning had the negative dynamics of the previous year and the players continued with that distrust that does not let you play with the mental freedom to develop the best of each one. But Madrid now takes two months at a very high level of transmitting what the team is. I like to see them play again. He has had a lot of injuries, Hazard’s presence is vital. “

The current President of the White House Florentino Pérez, as with everything, wants to maximize this relationship between Rafa and Madrid: “We have tried many times to beat the Guinness Record of tennis spectators by organizing a Nadal-Federer at the Bernabéu, but one of them would grab injured or they don’t match. The good thing is that, since it seems that they will last so long, there is time. ” Will it be given?

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