“Our calendar is crazy and it’s made to cause us problems”

"Our calendar is crazy and it's made to cause us problems"

Antonio Conte exploded against Serie A managers after a 2-2 draw at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

Antonio Conte confronted the managers of the A series by the match schedule of the Inter, and criticized the referees of the match for having made a big mistake in Sunday’s 2-2 draw against Rome.

“I want people to see Inter’s list of games. Our schedule is crazy and it’s made to cause us trouble. We are always playing late at night, the teams we face always have an extra day off compared to us. These they are facts, “said the coach in dialogue with Sky Sport Italia.

He added: “It is an anomaly. To be honest, you have to look at what happened in the last round. Obviously, Inter was not present when the list of games was drawn up, because our schedule is crazy. Some teams rest five days. We played late at night in an away game and basically ended up coming home at 4 am. “

“Everyone has to make commitments, but it is always Inter who ends up falling short. Always. It is fun, that. If someone has to get slapped, it is always Inter,” Conte said at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

Inter won 1-0 when Spinazzola scored the tie in injury time in the first half, but the play was controversial because there was a previous foul on Lautaro Martínez, who was not considered as such, according to the Nerazzurri coach.

“It is not a doubtful situation. It was a very clear situation. The Roma player does not receive the ball, he receives Lautaro’s ankle. I have the utmost respect for the referees. They are also going through a strange and anomalous situation, so I don’t think that kind of criticism is deserved, “Conte analyzed.

“They can also make mistakes, and the referee made a mistake tonight, it happens. Of course, if you go into the break at 1-1 with the knowledge that it was an unfair situation, it will make you mad.”

Despite being far from fighting the title with Juventus, Inter secured a place in the next Champions League, something Conte believes should be put into perspective. “We are talking about a team that, in my opinion, is doing some very good things,” he said.

And he stated: “Apart from second place, if you look at the goals scored and received, we are in the Champions League with four dates to play and 14 points ahead of fifth place. Let’s not forget that Inter started with the same goals for the season as Rome and Napoli “.

“Serie A has become very competitive and everyone is ready to have great campaigns. Only four enter the Champions League. If people say that Inter is below average, what do you say about the other teams that did not finish in the top four? “he concluded.

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