Who are the highest tennis players in history?

Who are the highest tennis players in history?

From Reilly Opelka to Juan Martín Del Potro, at ESPN Tenis we take a detailed look at the most surprising players due to their height. Who are they? Let’s review.


1-Reilly Opelka (United States): Opelka leads the ranking as the highest player in history. This 22-year-old boy who turned professional in 2015, has a height of 2 meters eleven (yes, they read well). He has accumulated two titles in his career, in Delray Beach 2020 and in New York 2019. His best ranking was in position 31.

1a-Ivo Karlovic (Croatia): Sandwiched at 2 meters eleven, this 41-year-old Croatian who continues to excel in vice, has been a professional since 2000 and has a more successful career: Los Cabos and Newport in 2016, Delray Beach in 2015, Bogotá in 2013, Nottingham in 2008 and Stockholm , Nottingham and Houston in 2007. Their best ranking was 14th.

3-John Isner (United States): Two meters and 8 centimeters for this lungo of this long list of talents among whom height rules. He was left with 15 titles in total: Newport 2019 and 2017, the Miami Masters in 2018, Atlanta 2018, 2017, 2015 and 2014, Auckland 2014, Houston 2013, Winston-Salem and Newport 2012 and 2011 and Auckland 2010. His best ranking it was in position 8.

4-Kevin Anderson (South Africa): Anderson is in fourth place with two meters and three centimeters. He is, without a doubt, one of the most prolific players in this field. He won Pune in 2019, Vienna and New York in 2018, Winston-Salem in 2015, Delray Beach in 2012 and Johannesburg in 2011. His best ranking was at number 5.

4a-Jerzy Janowicz (Poland): This Polish born in Lodz stands 2 meters 3 centimeters tall. He failed to clinch any title in his professional career that started in 2007, yet his best ranking was at number 14.

4a-Dick Norman (Belgium): Like Janowicz, Norman never won a title and is equal in height. Already retired, his best position in the ranking placed him 85 on the world ranking.

7-Marc Rosset (Switzerland): The Swiss, who was one of the great idols of Roger Federer in his junior years, is 2 meters and 1 centimeter tall. His great highligt is to have kept the gold medal of the Olympic Games in Barcelona and his ATP ranking, to break the barrier of the top 10 and stay in ninth place. He also won 15 titles.

7a-Chris Guccione (Australia): The Australian has the same height as the Swiss but much less titles. In fact, his best location was 67th, however his focus was the doubles where he reached ranking 38 and stayed with 5 titles.

9-Marin Cilic (Croatia): 1.98 meters for Cilic who knew the glory of world tennis and reached third place in the world ranking as a product of his 18 singles titles with one highlight in particular: his crowning in 2014 at the US Open.

10-Juan Martín Del Potro (Argentina): La Torre de Tandil completes this Top 10 with the same height as Marin Cilic, 1.98 m: but with one condition, he won 22 singles titles and the US Open in 2009, as well as reaching third place in the world ranking.

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