Alberto Fernández: “The risk of contagion can occur in training”

Alberto Fernández: "The risk of contagion can occur in training"

The President of Argentina spoke of the risks that a return to practice can bring. “You have to be careful because we are far from having overcome the problem,” he said.

Although Claudio Tapia, president of the Argentine Soccer Association, had announced in mid-June that the return to training in Argentine soccer would be when the entire country has passed Phase 4 of quarantine in the battle against the pandemic of coronavirus, the demands of CONMEBOL for resuming the Libertadores Cup They could force a change of plans, ruling out the request made to the South American body to postpone the commitments that involve the clubs it gathers.

There are five Argentine teams that compete in the continental competition, which will return in the second half of September: these are Boca, River, Racing, Defense and Justice and Tigre. At their request, from Viamonte Street they planned to request a special authorization from the National Executive Power to restart practices, since the vast majority of clubs in other countries have already done so. The plan was for it to take place next week, when Isolation Phase 1 ends, on July 17. However, if approved, the rest of the Professional League and First National teams would demand the same treatment, facing the return of the vernacular competition.

And while he did not rule it out, Alberto Fernández He made clear, in a chat with Public TV, the need to be cautious, the same day that the new phase of the staged quarantine began: “The return of football is not only 22 people playing in an open space, the risk of contagion It can happen in training and not all players are stars, many live in vulnerable neighborhoods. The concern these players have is not about going to play soccer, it is about going to play, train, catch and carry the virus to their houses, because most of them are 18 or 19 years old and live with their parents. You have to be careful with that because we are far from having overcome the problem of the pandemic. “

The president also commented that he spoke with technical directors and club leaders. “It is a very delicate subject, it must be solved with some seriousness. Many of the things that I am saying are not my whim, I have spoken with people who know why he leads clubs or are technical directors. I have realized these things that I They have marked and that I did not take into account, so you have to be very careful, “he said.

“In CABA and GBA, the virus is circulating. It seems that at a slower speed, but we are far from solving the issue. Someone proposed to go to Jujuy to train and look at what is happening today. So we have to be very careful,” concluded.

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