Bielsa: “It is a time to thank the players”

Bielsa: "It is a time to thank the players"

Clearly excited about the promotion and title in the Championship, the Fool thanked every piece of Leeds and downplayed the statistics.

Marcelo Bielsa He was the main protagonist of a weekend where he was not oblivious to the eternal polarization around his figure, but he gave his admirers great joy when he obtained the promotion and, later, the title of the Championship with Leeds.

True to his style although with a dose of emotion, the Argentine coach was self-critical regarding the statistical analysis of his career and even drew a comparison with his time with the Argentine national team.

“Of course this gives me joy,” remarked El Loco before the query about the contribution of the title to his history as a coach, although he later clarified that “if you do the percentages, I have done this for 30 years and having included a title does not change the unfavorable percentages I have a lot. What I am very happy about is having been able to participate in this project with this group of players during these two years. I receive a very marked recognition for my work, but I honestly think that more than the ability of my driving, what made a huge difference was the ability of the players. “

And determined to stay out of the achievement, he stressed that “I would like the attention not to be fixed on me. So, what has to do with something particular of mine I do not consider that it is the moment to carry it out. It is a moment to thank the players Dedicate the achievement to the public and thank the club and its authorities for everything they allowed us. “

In the line of thanks, he stressed that “the 50 games that were played in the year were absorbed by 15 players and that is what allowed the success. We also had a very generous and unconditional audience.”

And finally, he drew the comparison between working conditions 20 years ago in the Argentine National Team and today in England: “Around one team at this time there are 25 people apart from the players. When I led the Argentine National Team there were five of us Now there is a support in the physical part, in the tactical technical part, in the logistics, in the health, in the maintenance of the facilities that the team uses, in the cleaning of the place where we work, in the support of the academy , in all those senses, without exception, the level of the club has been unbeatable. “

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