Jaguars and a light of hope, with a future in an Australian tournament?

Jaguars and a light of hope, with a future in an Australian tournament?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, because of the tensions that are being generated between New Zealand and Australia, it would create a place for the Argentine team in an Aussie tournament.

New Zealand would be hosting a trans-Tansman tournament that would knock out 2 or 3 Australian teams and include a Pacific team. This did not sit well with the Australian Rugby authorities and generated meetings and unrest.

Australia assured that it will not reduce its number of teams in Super Rugby and that, in case New Zealand confirms its tournament for 2021, they already have another format diagrammed.

This new Australian Super Rugby format would include the five local teams, Jaguars, Sunwolves and a Fijian cast.

A meeting between acting RA Executive Director Rob Clarke and his New Zealand counterpart Mark Robinson was dubbed a waste of time as the Kiwi ruled the terms and made it clear that five Australian teams did not fit inside. of your plan.

Now Australia is planning to invite New Zealand to a competition. In the event that the Kiwis do not accept the aussies, they will remain firm in maintaining their five teams and will propose a competition with Argentina, Japan and Fiji.

“We are looking at two plans, one with the Kiwis and one without him. The call, as I understand it, between NZR President Mark Robinson and Rob Clarke was quite superficial,” said McLennan, president of Rugby Australia.

McLennan even told The Sunday Times in London that he would be willing to accept a full team from South Africa: “We would accept a full team, and if the South Africans were open to it, they could move throughout the season.”

The talks and tensions continue, the future of Jaguares seems to depend on the relationship between Australia and New Zealand and what they decide in the future. We will have to wait if there is an agreement for a Super Rugby with New Zealand and Australia or if they take different paths and Argentina begins to see aussie light at the end of the tunnel.

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