Luka Romero: Mallorca’s striking novelty in a negative season

Luka Romero: Mallorca's striking novelty in a negative season

Born in Mexico to Argentine parents, the 15-year-old made history by debuting against Real Madrid and becoming the youngest to debut in La Liga.

The need to find the new great star of world football continues. With Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in their last years of career, there will be those who want to take their place, although it will be a difficult seat to fill.

In Spain there is a player who stole the flashes in the lower categories of Majorca: is about Luka Romero, known as the Mexican Messi, who wants to break through The league to shine with its own light.

At just 15 years and 7 months old, he entered from the bench of substitutes on Wednesday June 24 during the defeat of the Balearic cast at the hands of Real Madrid. He thus became the most novice to achieve it above Francisco Bao Rodríguez, known as Sansón, who premiered in Celta de Vigo in December 1939 at 15 years and 255 days, as highlighted by the LaLiga site.

But who is this surprise footballer? He was born on November 18, 2004 in Durango (northwestern state of Mexico) and is the son of Diego Adrián Romero Oivadis, a former Alacranes soccer player from Mexico. Two years after his birth, his Argentine father moved the family to Spain to nationalize (even, his grandfather has a passport from the European nation) and to continue his career there, so the young man has the option of representing Albiceleste, to the Tri or to the Red Fury.

In 2011, before arriving in Mallorca, he carried out a test in Barcelona, ​​where he was half successful: despite convincing the scouts of the Barcelona team, he was unable to join because he did not reside in the Catalan city.

Lukita joined the RCD Mallorca academy in 2015 at the age of 10 and currently stands out in the Vermilions: he managed to train with the first team thanks to a special permit for being a minor. The technical director, Vicente Moreno, likes him and, after including him in the call for the first time -in the fall against Villarreal-, he recognized that the opportunity for him is close.

His great performances allowed him to receive the call from Argentina for the Sub 15 and participate in the South American Championship in Paraguay. Although he has the possibility to represent Mexico and Spain, Luka confirmed his true interest. “My whole family is Argentine; my dream is to wear the Albiceleste shirt,” he confirmed in statements to the site of the Argentine Soccer Association (AFA) in July 2018.

How does Romero play?

A good part of the comparisons with the Flea (Messi) has to do with the fact that he is a footballer with a lot of dribbling one-on-one, agile feet and mind in short spaces and, like many great players, he is left-handed.

He works as an offensive midfielder, behind the forwards, although, given his ability, he has no problem locating himself on the wings. He likes to draw diagonals from the outside in, taking advantage and surprising the rival through the changed profile.

“He is left-handed, fast, rogue, bug, competitive. He has that prototype of an Argentine 10. He has many conditions, he reminds me a lot of David Silva”, described the Argentine Dani Pendín, second coach of Mallorca, in statements to Estudio Estadio . He added: “You have to have a lot of patience. You are learning many things, but you have to be aware that you are 15 years old. I will take the boys from the youth team up to the first team and there is a lot of talk about Luka.”

Manchester, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Alético and the future

As it happens every time a young promise appears, the interested European giants quickly appeared and the market rumors began to multiply. According to the Stretty News site published in early June, Manchester United is closely following Luka. Juve, Barça and Atlético de Madrid would also have it in their sights.

However, in Mallorca they are calm: despite the fact that due to his young age Romero was still unable to sign a contract, there is an agreement between both parties to do it when he turns 16 and can have a formal employment relationship, thereby ensuring that the young man crack don’t go away prematurely.

As for the collective, Romero regretted the decline of his team from 19th place, which leads him to play in Second next year.

Photo: LaLiga

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