Peñarol may not appear in the return of the Copa Libertadores

Peñarol may not appear in the return of the Copa Libertadores

The Uruguayan club secretary general, Evaristo González, warned that “if the government recommends that we not travel, we will not travel.”

The calendar that made the Conmebol for the resumption of the Libertadores Cup can cause inconvenience for the duel they will star Colo Colo and Peñarol, whose return to competition is agreed for next September 15 in the Monumental Stadium.

The Carboneros general secretary, Evaristo González, expressed his concern about the advance of the coronavirus in the country and slipped the possibility of not traveling to complete the third date of the maximum continental contest.

“It surprises us. The truth is that we look at it with great concern. We are greatly concerned about Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and even Peru, highly committed countries (with the Covid-19), “said the director in dialogue with Radio Agricultura.

And in the same vein, he warned that “we are concerned that we have to travel to Chile and play in Chile. It is an extremely serious issue and our responsibility is not to put anyone at risk on campus. “

In addition, he warned that “at this moment they are putting Colo Colo, Peñarol and all the teams that are in the Cup as hostages. Here state permits are needed, here a country delegation does not enter if it does not meet a number of sanitary regulations. How do you think they can get to play when the entire team that comes will be in quarantine? ”He reflected.

And he added: “The one who comes will be quarantined, the one who goes or returns will be quarantined. Put yourself in the case that Chile does not quarantine us, but when we return to Uruguay we will be quarantined. We are going to abide by the Government and not by Conmebol, that is clear, we are not going to ignore what the Government says and if they recommend that we do not travel, we will not. In this case, we will notify Conmebol ”.

Finally, the Uruguayan leader commented that “I understand all the television commitments and that they are important, but that we travel to the countries it seems to me, first, that it is wrong. I wonder if this is being considered, if someone is standing in reality … We thought that this would return in October, because we are also destroying the quality of the game; Imagine the game that Colo Colo will have after having started two weeks before, it lacks football. As the situation is, I don’t think it will be played on those dates, it is an attempt but I don’t think it can be done ”.

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