“Arturo Vidal is the heart of Barça”

"Arturo Vidal is the heart of Barça"

Gerardo Martino, former coach of Barcelona, ​​highlighted the news of the Chilean footballer. And he accepted: “If I could, I would take him to the club when I was there.”

Gerardo Martino directed to Barcelona in the 2013/14 season, that is why it is an authorized word to speak of the culé ensemble. In this case, the Argentinian praised one of the most up-to-date footballers on Quique Setién’s team: Arturo vidal.

“Today, I see Vidal as the heart of the team, for what he gives himself, but also for the hierarchy to work, reach the area and the goal. I see him recovering from last year, which was not good. This has been a great year for Arturo and he could undoubtedly stay in Barcelona, ​​”Martino said in an interview with the Chilean channel CDF.

“I particularly have a weakness for Vidal. If I could, I would have taken him to Barcelona at the time. These are very personal decisions,” he added.

On the other hand, Martino referred to the tumultuous moment that the culé set goes through, after years of receiving all the praise from the press for his great style of play.

“I would ask myself, if since the departure of Xavi and Iniesta, the DNA of Barcelona continues to be so faithfully represented. I am of the idea that Barcelona must have another alternative for footballers,” said the Argentine.

Lastly, Martino recalled his time in Barcelona, ​​with which he was champion of the Spanish Super Cup: “It was the worst year of my career. It is an accumulation of things. It is not just the fact of saying ‘you liked or not directing the Barcelona'”.

“But being able to access a very important institution does not happen many times. Anyway, when one begins to review what the year was like, what it was like to live in an institution of such magnitude, with so much media exposure, with so many needs to end the year With some important achievement, it was obviously much more what I suffered than what I enjoyed ”, he closed.

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