In 2013, CUBA broke the curse and was consecrated after 43 years!

In 2013, CUBA broke the curse and was consecrated after 43 years!

After 43 years, CUBA went back to the pool. In a vibrant final and well remembered for the emotion with which the game was defined in the last play, a historical club in Argentina repeated an achievement that had been expected since 1970. It was the fourteenth coronation of the University Club, which achieved glory thanks to a Bautista Güemes prison in the final minutes to live a long-awaited party.

The initial round was divided into two zones, with the classification of Hindu, Newman, CUBA, Liceo Naval, Belgrano Athletic, Lomas Athletic and Atlético del Rosario in Zone A, and CASI (the only one that won all 11 matches in the first phase. ), SIC, La Plata, San Luis, Regatas, Alumni and Manuel Belgrano, in B.

Ignacio Almela (CASI) added 178 goals on 11 dates, followed by six players who exceeded one hundred goals, Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (Newman), 123; Bautista Güemes (CUBA), 115; Germán Vidal (San Albano), 112; Santiago Craig (Liceo Naval), 109; Fernando Menéndez (Manuel Belgrano), 104, and Agustín López Isnardi (Belgrano Athletic), 101.

In the tryout table, Canario Gosio (Newman) finished first with 11 conquests, while Joaquín Domínguez (SIC) and Augusto Ramos (La Plata) were his escorts with 9.

The Top 14 ended with Hindu and CUBA qualifying directly to the semifinals, with 11 wins in 13 games, and Newman, CASI, SIC and Belgrano in the playoffs.

Ignacio Almela (CASI) achieved the record in one season, overcoming the barrier of 400 points (he scored 406), while only two players added more than 300 points, Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (Newman), 340; and Bautista Güemes (CUBA), 304.

The try-man was Gosio (Newman), with 22 conquests, followed by Marcos Rosasco (SIC), with 14, and Augusto Ramos and Pablo Molina (La Plata), Gastón Moreno (Atlético del Rosario) and Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada and Germán Mignone (Newman), with 13.

In the playoffs, Newman beat Belgrano Athletic 22 to 18, and the SIC hit the Cathedral by lowering their classic rival, CASI, by the smallest difference: 20 to 19. In the semifinals, Hindú reported the SIC by 16 to 3, while CUBA eliminated Newman by 27 to 15.

The decisive match was played in the CASI. It was very closed and with a single try, scored by Tute Moroni in the second half. With the game 9 to 8 for Hindú and just one minute from the end, the referee Ignacio Iparraguirre scored a straight penalty kick to the posts, but from a long distance. This is how Bautista Güemes, with his usual efficiency, hit and unleashed the delirium of the entire Cuban public that celebrated the title after 43 years.

Summary of the final (10/26/2013)

Hindu (9): Gonzalo Feijóo; Francisco Bosch, Hernán Senillosa, Juan Ignacio Gauthier (captain) and Francisco Díaz Bonilla; Joaquín Díaz Bonilla and Lucas Camacho; Agustín Schab, Mateo Iachetti and Diego Liberato; Gonzalo Delguy and Tomás Lavanini; Ramiro Herrera, Lucas Del Punta and Mariano Viano. Coaches: Juan and Nicolás Fernández Miranda and Lucas Ostiglia.

Change in ST: 21 ‘Esteban Durand for Schab.

Substitutes: Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa, Eduardo Honores, Emiliano Racca, Nicolás Guisasola, Sebastián Cancelliere, Bautista Ezcurra and Axel Gleizerman Copello.

CUBA (11): Juan Cruz González; Pedro Bence Pieres, Matías Moroni, Rodrigo Ávalos and Agustín Migliore; Bautista Güemes and Joaquín Hardoy; Tomás de la Vega, Lucas Piña (captain) and Lucas Maguire; Lucas Ponce and Sebastián Médica; Nicolás Quadri, Facundo Bosch and Pablo Quadri. Coaches: Roberto Lasala and Tomás Cóppola.

Changes in ST: 16 ‘Santiago Iramaín for Médica, and 32’ Santiago Uriarte for Ponce.

Substitutes: Agustín Elías, Alberto Dumas, Martín Driollet, Federico Miranda, Agustín Martínez Mosquera and Joaquín Miguens.

Points of the first half: 8 ‘Güemes Prison (C); 20 ‘Drop from Senillosa (H), and 22’ Penalty from Senillosa (H).

Partial result: Hindu 6 – CUBA 3.

Second half points: 2 ‘Drop of Senillosa (H); 19 ‘Try de Moroni (C), and 39’ Penal de Güemes (C).

Court: Athletic Club San Isidro.

Referee: Ignacio Iparraguirre.

Assistants: Gustavo Tomanovich and Sebastián Figueroa.

TMO: Ricardo Etchebehere.

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