Modric: “We were convinced that we would continue to win without Cristiano”

Modric: "We were convinced that we would continue to win without Cristiano"

From his country, the Croatian analyzed what was the league title with Real Madrid and the qualities of the squad.

Luka modric He takes a few days in Croatia in search of charging batteries for the duel against Manchester City, for the rematch of the knockout stages of the Champions League to be played in England.

The winner of the Ballon d’Or in 2018 and runner-up of the world that same year in Russia enjoys a few days of vacation after conquering The league with Real Madrid and, in his leisure period, he gave a juicy interview to the Sportske Novosti newspaper.

The joy for the consecration in Spain

“I am full of happiness and satisfaction for my second league title. I have already won 16 trophies in Madrid, four Champions, but this title made me especially happy. We should have had more national titles because we played some championships in a clumsy way. But hey , whatever has happened, one must enjoy the present and can influence what follows “

The importance of Sergio Ramos

“My brother Sergio is a phenomenon! And I’m not saying that because in eight years we created a really special relationship, we spend time with families, we go on vacation together, or because we had fantastic soccer experiences and successes together. He is a leader in team and the best defender in the world. His career says what kind of player he is “

Spotlight on Karim Benzema

“Now everyone has realized what the players have known for a long time. Benzema is a great striker with whom it is a pleasure to play. I am glad that he has now experienced a general ovation of recognition for his great class.”

Zinedine Zidane’s influence

“Zidane has confirmed his class, and not just football, which is fantastic. Zidane once again proved himself to be a top person. He recognizably created a great atmosphere in and around the team. He is one of the best coaches in history Real Madrid, and he has terrible competition. And in my opinion, today he is one of the best coaches in the world. “

Eden Hazard reviews

“If you are ready for the (game against) City, great, and if not, the most important thing is that at the beginning of the new season, in September, you are healthy.”

The ability to win again without Cristiano Ronaldo

“It is not necessary to discuss how important Cristiano was for Madrid, but I must say that we are not overwhelmed by the fact that he is not in the sense that we cannot have the same ambitions. We were convinced that we would continue to win without him because, Regardless of the individual’s strength, the team is always above everything and the strength is stronger. “

Would you like to finish your career at Real Madrid?

“And who doesn’t? But it remains to be seen if the club will want him. Madrid is my home, but Madrid decides what is best for the club. I know that midfielders rarely stay here until they are 35 years old. I will fight on the field to deserve my continuity. The only sure thing is that I will be at Real Madrid until June 2021. “

Photo: Denis Doyle / Getty Images

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