Roux: “South Africa has not been kicked out of Super Rugby”

Roux: "South Africa has not been kicked out of Super Rugby"

New Zealand revealed plans for the 2021 Super Rugby season and has no intention of including Jaguars and South African teams due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. Such a move could fracture the current agreement that the 4 SANZAAR unions have. Likewise, from South Africa there is a rumor that four South African teams could be part of an extended PRO16 in the Celtic league, as well as the Champions Cups and the Challenge.

While South African President Jurie Roux insists that any changes to Super Rugby structures would require approval from SANZAAR2 at the executive level, he says they are “way too far down the road” to seek alternative options:

“If someone thinks that rugby, and particularly national and international rugby, will return to any format close to the one that existed in late 2019 and early 2020, they are making a big mistake and if we think about it too,” he said in a video. Press conference.

“The market corrected itself. As for television and the structures around streaming and the way we consume rugby, it had a change and now we will suffer that change due to the pandemic,” Roux said, adding that “Ultimately we cannot project what rugby will look like in the years to come, and doing so would be very brave, because the only thing we can be sure of is that there will be changes … we are changing.”

“I would not be doing my job well if I don’t shuffle a plan B or plan C,” added the South African leader. “I did it for a long time and there are some options on the table,” added Roux regarding the possibility of migrating the teams to the Celtic league and argued that “we still cannot touch that, but it is a long way in terms of having different options that probably suit us best and that will help us build the direction we want and need to move forward in the coming years. ”

To close the issue, he stated that “we are making plans, but there is nothing to announce at this time and we have to weigh the options with the approval of SANZAAR.” Then he took advantage of the conference to clarify concepts by saying that “I see that we are considered expelled from Super Rugby. In any case, New Zealand is who left. “

“New Zealand has every right to determine its future, but in terms of agreement with its SANZAAR partners, there is a legal agreement and you have to act within it. If this agreement is breached, we must be responsible for the legal actions of the other parties. ”

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