What a surprise! The most important Avengers characters sent messages to Bridger Walker

What a surprise!  The most important Avengers characters sent messages to Bridger Walker

Not only did the World Boxing Council (WBC) award the honorary champion belt to Bridger Walker, the boy who saved his little sister from a dog attack. He prevented his little sister from being bitten by a dog from his neighbors, so he did not think twice and put his life at risk so that nothing happened to him. His best idea at the time was to come between him and the animal, so the wounds led to more than 90 stitches. In addition to their award, the stars of the saga Avengers They sent him clear messages.

“And the new WBC world champion, Bridger ‘The bravest man on Earth’ Walker”, was what the WBC highlighted on his social networks, along with the photograph of the small native of Wyoming, United States, posing with the belt . The story of Walker, who is only six years old, was shared by her aunt, Nicole, on July 9, and quickly went viral. Her hero act is already known worldwide, which is why many famous people spoke about it.

His favorite characters surprised him

The story sought to reach the actors who played The avengers, the favorite saga of Bridger, which was the case and got the message from the most outstanding. Chris Evanswho gives life to Captain America, sent him a shield and an emotional message. “Your sister is very lucky to have you as a brother. Your parents must be very proud. I will send you an authentic Captain America shield, because you deserve it. We need people like you. Hold on, I know recovery can be difficult, “he said.

Clearly Bridger He didn’t get anything cheap, but the 90 stitches on his face were nothing for him, who mainly wanted to save his sister. Each of them can be seen on the left cheek. What most moved the networks were the words of the minor, who gave impressive information at his young age. When he said that it was going through his mind when he went to protect his sister, he explained: “If someone had to die, I thought it must be me.”

The pain will be temporary

The next to enter the scene was remembered Hombre de Hierro, character played by Robert Downey Jr., who promised him a big surprise for his next birthday. “Bridger, you are a rock star. My name is Robert Downey Jr., I play Tony, I am an old friend of Caps. I heard he sent you his shield. I will do something better, call me on your next birthday, I have something special for you ”, was what he said in a video posted on the account of Walker.

“The people who put the healthy beings before others are the most heroic and thoughtful people I know. I really respect and admire your courage and your heart. True courage is not dominating people or fighting them or walking like a tough guy. The true courage is knowing what is right to do and do it even when it can end up hurting you in some way, “he also said. Mark Ruffalo and said goodbye as “Hulk

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