Georges St-Pierre unveiled his UFC “perfect fighter”

Georges St-Pierre unveiled his UFC "perfect fighter"

While Georges St-Pierre is retired and will certainly never return to the octagon of UFC, he gave his “perfect fighter” today. He himself recently made it clear that he hardly enjoyed his mixed martial arts career. But, it is still very present in the company. First of all, because it is one of the greatest legends that have passed through it. For many, it is the best in history. Second, because from time to time they challenge him, as did recently Kamaru Usman, current World Welterweight Champion.

Sometimes, he also appears on the front page for his own statements, such as those discussed about his time as a professional fighter. In this case, it is renamed by own comments. Even more because of how Georges St-Pierre qualifyca to Khabib Nurmagomedov, current World Lightweight Champion. He has also challenged him on occasion, but again the Canadian is retired and will not return to the cage. Outside of this, he left wise phrases about it.

Khabib It is very exciting for me because, for a fighter, a fighter does not think like a normal staff. A fighter always wants to compete against someone who seems invincible, a guy who seems perfect, unbeatable. Who has an aura of invincibility. That means that if I overcome it, I will be the first to do it. It is not a question of money. Yes, the money is there, but it is not the first reason ”, he began by saying about the impressive Russian fighter, who recently lost his father.

“It is a matter of glory, of personal fulfillment, of putting your name in history forever,” he concluded. Georges St-Pierre. This is how you clearly rate Khabib in a great way, although no one should take these words as a challenge. In this way, if at any time you feel like competing again, it seems obvious that you would want to do it with Nurmagomedov. Many have already spoken about it, excited to see this hypothetical battle.

Kamaru Usman recently defeated Jorge Masvidal to retain the welterweight title of UFCBut now he wants to go for more and he has named an MMA historian. Just one week after his victory, the Nigerian fighter has already chosen his next rival, who is in retirement. In an interview for TMZ Sports, the champion assured that he would like to face with Georges St-Pierre, who officially retired in February 2019, despite not fighting since 2017. In this way, they believe that he could be able to defeat him at 39, although it will surely give him battle.

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