Shocking! This is the face of a UFC fighter for an illegal hit

Shocking!  This is the face of a UFC fighter for an illegal hit

The terrible illegal knee he received Boston Salmon of Shawn west ended in a shocking knockout on the evening of UFC. The fight was on July 10, but the consequences were observed for several weeks, due to a lethal, shocking blow. A shot that left the fighter unconscious on the canvas of the octagon. However, the illegal appeal forced the judges to disqualify the alleged winner, who fractured his rival’s left cheekbone with a powerful kick to the face.

In the last hours, Boston Salmon He published on his official Instagram account an image that reflects the damage he received from his adversary. With his eyeball filled with blood, the eye socket rotates and the scar recently closed by the stitches he received on his cheekbone. Thus, the 29-year-old accompanied the photo with a text that removed any doubts about his health. So far, the organization has not issued any sanction towards Shawn west, beyond the disqualification in the evening that occurred on July 10.

“Thank you to everyone who took the time to communicate with me and to the people who cared about my health. I just wanted everyone to know that I am fine and that I will take the time to heal and focus on my health. Many of you were scared and worried, and so was I. I can assure you that I am fine and that I will be back soon ”, was what the mixed martial arts star wrote, giving his opinion on what happened that day in mixed martial arts.

He was disqualified for his illegal action

On the other hand, his manager, Brian Butler, also issued a statement calling for action to be taken against West. This, because it violated the fundamental principles of the discipline that nurtures hundreds of fighters. “The incident was extremely unfortunate. Boston he was in control of the fight and was adjusting to his range and timing in the second round when both he and his opponent Shawn westSimultaneous hooks landed, causing both to be thrown and shot down, “he said.

“While Boston He got back to his feet, was hit with an illegal knee to end the night. We must now focus first and foremost on Boston’s health. The knee landed with incredible force and caused Boston suffered a fracture in the orbital and cheekbone. We believe that the commission should apply disciplinary measures to establish a higher priority over this type of offense, “concluded the manager who manages the sports career of Salmon in UFC.

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