Klopp: “Lampard has to learn, there is no talking after the game”

Klopp: "Lampard has to learn, there is no talking after the game"

The Liverpool manager answered his Chelsea colleague after the former player said that the Reds behaved “arrogant” in the game last Wednesday.

Jurgen Klopp said Frank Lampard was out of line in suggesting that Liverpool he behaved “arrogant” in the game last Wednesday in which the Reds celebrated the title of the Premier League.

Lampard spoke to the television broadcast after the game that ended in the Blues’ 5-3 loss and criticized some attitudes of the Liverpool players. This was not liked at all by Klopp, who came out to answer the former footballer in the conference this Friday before playing against Newcastle for the last day of the league.

“We are not arrogant. Frank was obviously in a very competitive mood. I respect him a lot. During the game you can say what you want, but for me, after the game, everything is there,” the German began.

“Lampard has to learn is that these things end with the final whistle and he didn’t. After that, it’s not okay to talk. Frank has to learn. He has a lot of time to learn, he’s a young coach.”

Lampard said Friday that he regretted some of the language he used during the game, but reiterated that “a line was crossed” with the behavior of the Liverpool bank.

At his conference at almost the same time as Lampard’s, Klopp stressed why his colleague should have kept his emotions in check after the game ended.

“We are not arrogant. We are more or less the opposite of that. But in a moment like that, how is it in all discussions, if you say something you want to hurt the other person. But the final whistle closes the chapter. He did not do that. and that’s what I really don’t like, “he explained.

“That is the only reason I am talking about it, otherwise there would be no comment, but since he spoke later, I think it makes sense to explain what I mean,” he closed.

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