Lampard: “I could go have a beer with Klopp”

Lampard: "I could go have a beer with Klopp"

The Englishman wanted to calm the waters after a video went viral in which he is seen arguing with the German at Liverpool-Chelsea on Wednesday.

Frank Lampard apologized for his run-in with Jurgen Klopp in the game last Wednesday between Liverpool and Chelsea. In the last hours a video went viral in which the Blues coach is seen arguing heatedly with the German.

After the Anfield game, Lampard suggested that the Reds bench acted “arrogantly,” but now the English wanted to lower the decibels of the discussion.

“I have seen the video, obviously I starred in it. I think, in terms of language, I am sorry, since these things are reproduced a lot on social networks. My daughters are part of these social networks, so I regret that,” she began. Lampard saying in conference this Friday before playing with Wolves.

At the same time, Lampard said he acted in defense of his team. “In terms of regretting having a passion for defending my team, no. I could have handled it a little differently to maintain the language,” he said.

In addition, Lampard wanted to clarify the facts: he said he was not bothered by the celebrations of the Liverpool players for having achieved the title, but by some gestures that came from the substitute bank.

“Some reports suggested he was upset with the Liverpool celebrations, but far from that. I think Liverpool should celebrate as much as they want with the season they have had, they can celebrate as they did after the game, as they can celebrate every goal they score.” he stated.

“I would have had a beer with Jurgen Klopp after the game and we would have toasted his performance this year, but it was not that. I saw things that came out of his bench that I did not like, not by Jurgen Klopp, but people behind the bench , that I felt crossed a line and that was what agitated me. But it has already passed. The emotions are very high, I regret the language I used and I keep on going, “he added.

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