The ‘Big 3’ in numbers: Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, in detail

The 'Big 3' in numbers: Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, in detail

They are the elite, undoubtedly. Over the years, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic made their way on the professional circuit adding epic titles and victories, feats that make them the greatest today and with records in areas that already place them as the best in history.

One of the fundamental points to keep in mind when counting are the successes in the Grand Slam, the four most important tournaments in tennis. The three have already taken advantage and the vast majority that follow them on that list are already retired. In fact, Federer, about to turn 39, accumulates 20 cups in the Majors, followed by Nadal, 34, with 19, and Djokovic, 33, who managed 17.

This trio also dominates in the Masters 1000 competitions, the series of nine appointments of the level following the four Grand Slam. There, the leader is the Spanish, with 35, the Serb, with 34, and the Swiss, who won 28, close the podium. The plus of the so-called ‘Big 3’ is that they also lead in the amount of finals and semifinals in the Majors and Masters 1000, showing absolute mastery on the tour.

The three monsters also had the luxury of winning, as a team, the legendary Davis Cup. Once Federer and Djokovic did it, while Nadal conquered it four times, including the new version, contested only once, in 2019. For his part, the Serb was crowned in the rookie ATP Cup, in January of this year .

Federer surpasses his colleagues in various areas and Nadal has an advantage in terms of performances at the Olympic Games. In fact, he kept the gold medal in Beijing 2008, while the Swiss did celebrate the title but in doubles, in addition to silver in London 2012. Djokovic’s thorn, bronze in Beijing, is precisely to be crowned in an Olympic event in singles.

In many items, Federer leads and with breadth. In fact, he is the man with the most titles and access to the finals, semis, quarters, eighths of the Grand Slam, where he has top marks for participation. The same occurs in decisive rounds of the final ATP Masters and performances in said contest. And the Swiss is the man with the longest time at the top of the ATP ranking, with 310 weeks as No. 1 in the world.

Numbers and data to take into account:

In the Grand Slam (dominates the ‘Big 3’):
More titles:

20 Federer
19 Nadal
17 Djokovic

More endings:
31 Federer
27 Nadal
26 Djokovic

More semifinals:
46 Federer
37 Djokovic
33 Nadal

More wins:
362 Federer
287 Djokovic
275 Nadal

More titles in each Grand Slam:
12 Nadal at Roland Garros
8 Federer at Wimbledon and Djokovic in Australia
5 Federer at the US Open (shared with Connors and Sampras)

More wins in each Grand Slam:
102 Federer in Australia
101 Federer at Wimbledon
93 Nadal at Roland Garros
* At the US Open, Connors leads (98), followed by Federer (89)

More unbeaten Grand Slam matches in a row:
30 Djokovic (2015-2016)
27 Federer (2005-2006 and 2006-2007)
27 Djokovic (2011-2012)

In the Masters 1000 (dominates the ‘Big 3’):

More titles:
35 Nadal
34 Djokovic
28 Federer

More endings:
51 Nadal
50 Federer and Djokovic

More semifinals:
73 Nadal
67 Djokovic
66 Federer

More wins:
384 Nadal
381 Federer
355 Djokovic

Face to face with each other:
Djokovic 29-26 Nadal
Djokovic 27-23 Federer
Nadal 24-16 Federer

More weeks as World No. 1:
310 Federer
282 Djokovic (3rd mark) *
* It is the current N ° 1, with ranking frozen by covid-19

More years ended as No. 1 ATP:
5 Federer, Djokovic and Nadal (2nd mark, also tied with Connors) *
The record, 6, is held by Sampras

More titles of a man in the same tournament:
12 Nadal at Roland Garros
11 Nadal in Monte Carlo and Barcelona
10 Federer in Basel and Halle

More endings of a man in the same tournament:
15 Federer in Basel
13 Federer in Halle
12 Nadal at Roland Garros and Monte Carlo
12 Federer at Wimbledon

More titles:
103 Federer (2nd mark)
85 Nadal (4th mark)
79 Djokovic (5th mark)

Years in a row with two or more titles:
15 Nadal (2005-19) and Djokovic (2006-20)

Years in a row with one or more titles:
17 Nadal (2004-20)

Years in a row playing one or more finals:
20 Federer (2000-19)

More titles in the final ATP Masters:
6 Federer
5 Djokovic (tied with Lendl and Sampras)

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