He surpassed Messi and Ronaldo! Conor McGregor made more money than anyone in a minute

He surpassed Messi and Ronaldo!  Conor McGregor made more money than anyone in a minute

Conor McGregor It is characterized by being one of the athletes that produces the most money worldwide, which it continues to demonstrate day by day. The Irish mixed martial arts fighter became the king of pay-per-view at the UFC and he was not satisfied with that. Now, it was revealed that during his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, he starred in the second most expensive fight in the history of the sport of fists, outside of having lost.

Despite ‘The Notorious’ being out of the octagon for more than a year, the MMA fighter decided to announce his return to the cage last December (2019) to face Donald Cerrone. He ended up defeating him in just forty seconds, and this would be worth earning a little more than 25.2 million euros. However, just when it was thought that the Irishman would return in a big way to the UFC, last June he decided to announce his retirement again. This did not prevent him from being the athlete with the most earnings per minute during the last year.

According to the OLBG portal, although McGregor He has only had one fight in the last twelve months, his short appearance in the octagon earned him 25.2 million euros. Undoubtedly, a figure equivalent to 37.8 million in one minute. The site mentioned above took the 100 highest-paid athletes according to Forbes in the past year and estimated their earnings per second. It should be noted that this is according to your income and the time in action that you were.

These figures are exorbitant and not even the most recognized players on the planet, like Neymar, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, are close to reaching. The most shocking thing is that each of these barely manage to add the 29, 21 and 17 million euros in 60 seconds, respectively. Although it is not surprising, what does remain above all is the number so high that he could put it in his pocket, taking into account its history.

The life of Conor It is one of those screenplays that would surely be a box office success with the same ease that the fighter was able to knock down all the doors that crossed his path. A clear demonstration of improvement in true Hollywood style. He came to live thanks to charity checks in Ireland, for four years later entering the Forbes list, where he now rubs shoulders with the highest-paid athletes on the planet. Thus, it is the example for many who are just starting out.

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