Marc Márquez: “When there is danger it is better to move away”

Marc Márquez: "When there is danger it is better to move away"

The Spanish rider explained why he got off the Andalusian GP: “Either because of the inflammation or something, I was running out of steam.”

Marc Márquez He underwent surgery for a broken arm after last week’s race in Jerez and this Saturday he tried to participate in the qualification for the Andalusian GP. However, the Spanish driver was unable to compete and dropped out of Sunday’s event.

It has clearly been a difficult week. Everything has happened. The first reaction was last Sunday with the fracture. I didn’t even plan to be here this weekend. But once they operate on you, if you have a passion for something, you want something and above all you have that commitment, always being aware, realistic and listening to your body, you have to try it, “said Márquez.

He added: “With Honda we agreed to test ourselves on Saturday. I asked him at all times, they have never forced me. When I tried it this morning I saw it feasible. I felt good, I had a good time. It was more difficult for me to do a ‘time attack’ to keep a rhythm. From there everything went well, but this afternoon, either due to the heat or the fatigue of the morning, I did a long run in which I felt good. in the pits and when I left I saw immediately that something was going on. “

“Either because of the inflammation or something, I was running out of steam. That’s when you have to be realistic and as I promised Honda when talking about this, you have to listen to the body and my feelings. There I saw that it could be dangerous, and when there is danger through the environment it is better to move away, “explained the Spanish.

And he closed: “I want to thank all the effort of the doctors, the physios, the mechanics and the team, who have made it possible to be here. They have made possible my ambition and my dream, which was to prove myself. They were the desire I had. I have been able to do it, but it could not have been. A race that we lost, I haven’t missed one for a long time, but there is still a championship and there are many races left. This afternoon I start working with the rehabilitation to get the best possible to Brno “.

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