Does he change his sport ?: The video of José Aldo “sleeping” an opponent with soccer kicks

Does he change his sport ?: The video of José Aldo "sleeping" an opponent with soccer kicks

There’s a new bantamweight monarch in UFC, after Petr Yan’s victory by technical knockout over José Aldo It will leave the Russian on top. During the fifth round, with a string of countless punches, he kept the belt. Thus, the Brazilian left in what could be his last chance to obtain a scepter. After Henry Cejudo retired, the expected award was clamoring for a new monarch, the one who ended up being left in deserved hands.

And, on the way to said combat, a fan has released a video that shows Aldo with 18 years finishing his rival with soccer kicks. We are talking about the year 2005. This will not happen on your next visit to the octagon, but it is better that your rival is careful because he will be in danger. Although the same can be said of the Brazilian, actually. Joseph He is famous for his kicks, but before winning the title of UFC, the South American was already making news thanks to his legs.

Football fan, Aldo He has always enjoyed kicking opponents and balls, so it seems unsurprising how easy it is to use his feet. In fact, just over fifteen years ago, when he was just 18 years old, he delivered a memorable moment thanks to his legs. On that occasion, he faced Anderson Silverio at the “Mecca World Vale Tudo 12” event, held on July 9, 2005, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now, his video is viral.

That bout was just the fifth fight in his professional MMA career, after he started fighting as a professional in 2004. It has often been talked about that professional fighters should come together to defend their rights. But José Aldo does not want a union today, not now. The Brazilian made some statements in this regard, while finalizing the preparations to know what he will do with what is coming for his career. Without data of it, it continues resting.

“I think this is a terrible time to do it. We are seeing many companies go bankrupt, many people losing their jobs, and here it is UFC trying that we all have work. Look at all the money you are spending. Look at everything you are doing so we can all get back into action. I agree that there has to be some kind of union and that the wages of the fighters be discussed, but now look at the families who do not know what will happen tomorrow, what will happen to them. And here we are working. It is too complicated to do what we do, so it is not the right time, “he dictated.

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