Purple !: Darren Till showed his face after Robert Whittaker’s punches in the UFC

Purple !: Darren Till showed his face after Robert Whittaker's punches in the UFC

After facing Robert Whittaker at UFC Fight Island 3, in what was without a doubt one of the most important fights of his career, Darren Till showed how his face looked. If he succeeded, he could demand a shot at the World Middleweight Championship. This is surprising to many, because it is nothing more than their second fight in the division. But, what he did at welterweight has earned him a quick boost in his new adventure. Now, you will see what you do after defeat.

But, before the confrontation against the former champion, Darren Till He also bragged about his fitness, drawing attention to his great shape. The truth is that there is a noticeable difference from when I competed at 170 pounds to now competing at 185, which was marked on Saturday as well. UFC He made a publication showing how the English fighter is physically, both in the weigh-ins and in his hotel room, which he was excited about before the fight with Whittaker.

The two middleweights were the stars of the last event in Abu Dhabi, in what could have been one of the most interesting fights of this 2020. In all probability, it was known that it was going to be a great exchange of blows, since both enjoy standing combat. And while Darren Till Boasting his physique, he was going to need a lot more than that to beat the former World Champion. But, it should also be noted that his rival was not going to be easy, which he ended up showing in the cage.

In time of the stellar combat of the night, Robert Whittaker it was somewhat better than Darren Till and he took a great victory home, in the UFC Fight Island 3. In a duel at middleweight, the winner fought for the first time since losing the championship, while his rival wanted to establish himself in the division. Till came out with the intention of getting his hands cold. Robert was very attentive and fast, because with the jab he stopped it twice. Then, they were measured quite a bit, because both with the distance they remove blows. Good kicks from both of them, though Darren took a takedown with a huge elbow.

“Still on top, he’s still one of the best. Great fight rob? ?? », was what he shared Darren in these hours, showing his face with evidence of the blows received. Although it did not end as expected UFC Fight Island 3, Till He was in a great mood, still thinking about what’s to come. Will you want a rematch against Robert Whittaker? There is no doubt that it will have to wait, but many already say that it will go for some other opponent of the same weight.

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