The UAR women’s virtual tournament was a success

The UAR women's virtual tournament was a success

During the last two months, the country’s growing and booming women’s rugby focused its activity on a virtual tournament in which teams from all regions participated. The impossibility of competing on the court, due to the obligatory social isolation, motivated the search for an activity that left many positive aspects: union, camaraderie, social ties and the motivation to continue waiting for the return to the courts.

The championship had three stages: provincial, regional and national. The teams met in matches through Zoom, where they competed in skills games, questions about regulations and history, as well as a vote through social networks. The sum of points in each of these instances decreed the winners.

Last week, the National Virtual Women’s Clubs took place, the last stage of the contest, in which the 16 teams that emerged from the two previous phases participated.

National University of Salta (UNSA) was the one who ended up winning the tournament, winning the Jockey Club de San Juan in the final. “This competition left us many lessons just like any other tournament we participate in. It was key in this time of physical distance, rather than social, to keep the team together, ”says María Cabaña, captain of the champion team.

“Beyond winning or losing, there was always a third time after the games in which we shared beautiful moments with the rivals. We had many invitations to all the clubs we played with, so we have to put on a tour around the country, ”said the UNSA leader.

Erica Morales, captain of San Patricio de Corrientes who reached the semifinals assured that the tournament, in addition to being very fun, was very useful in this moment of isolation and quarantine since it allowed them to stay active despite not being able to train and made the team unites despite the distance. Another highlight was that thanks to the challenge of the questions about the rules and history of rugby, there was a great learning. “Because of the desire to play, many times we forget these details of the rules that are fundamental, now when we return, we will be able to perform better on the court,” he said.

Abigail Echavarri, is a gymnastics and fencing player from Ituzaingó, representative of the URBA, remarks that the National of Virtual Clubs “left us a great learning experience. We grew stronger as a team, taking on a lot of situations. Being behind a screen is not the same as in person. “

Marabunta reached the quarterfinals and his coach Sergio Pilia highlighted: “This tournament allowed us to be more connected in these times when it is more difficult to get physically together. We work as a team to prepare videos, we study the regulations and this brought the group together. The girls worked a lot. “

At the time of assembling the teams to participate there was a vote of the team to choose their representatives on each date. Mayra Genghini, former player of the National Team, which is part of the Marabunta squad, participated with her teammates and as Amalia Zavala (player and referee of Jockey de San Juan) recounted, “Mayra’s presence competing seemed to me an act of humility and simplicity and love for your club. That their teammates see that a player who was in the national team engages in this tournament, adds a lot. ”

Source: UAR

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