Will it be in the UFC ?: Floyd Mayweather doesn’t rule out rematch with Conor McGregor

Will it be in the UFC ?: Floyd Mayweather doesn't rule out rematch with Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather does not close the door to be measured back to Connor McGregor, the Irishman who is a legend in UFC. This being the case, the North American welcomes the fight with the mixed martial arts star again. Anyway, he will only do it in the boxing ring, never in the MMA octagon, as he revealed in an interview for Forbes. In 2017 Money He beat the Irishman by technical knockout in the tenth round. In this way, he kept intact his unbeaten record (50-0). He’s been away from the ring since he’s been inactive since his victory over Tenshin Nasukawa in December 2018, in an exhibition fight. Now, prepare another similar fight in Tokyo for 2020 or 2021.

The end of the fight between the two came by technical KO in the tenth round, where Floyd confirmed his history in sports. A McGregor overwhelmed by the blows of ‘Money’, he was saved by the referee after an exchange on the ropes. But this ending in which logic prevailed in the face of bravery, after three months of going back and forth, telling me and going, was almost the least of it. The respect shown in the final hug between the two athletes ends a war between two sports that, from now on, for what it’s worth, will be a little more twinned.

Out of all the controversies that arose from the first day between the two, he does not rule out the duel with Conor. I will not fight in MMA. For now, I am happily retired. You never know, but it would have to be worth it (the rematch with McGregor). Just like gambling right? It has to be worth it, no matter who the opponent is, ”was what the American explained. In March, Mayweather He has even said that he would only fight the Irishman if they paid him 600 million.

During his visit to the UK, Floyd Mayweather He also reported the following about it: «I have already said it on social networks, there are two names. We talk about the fight against Conor McGregor and from the fight against Khabib. For me, the number is 600 million dollars. If I’m going to go out and take a chance, it would have to be worth it. In this way, he made it clear that he would only get into the ring if that sum of money is on the table. Now, we will have to see if it can be achieved.

“In the boxing world right now, it doesn’t make sense for me to face an ordinary fighter. I’m a businessman and a match with Conor McGregor it would make sense. If you bring money, it makes sense. I don’t fight fighters or compete against those who only have cities behind them. If I’m going to fight you, you have to have at least an entire country behind you. The first fight was entertaining, it is an entertainment business », concluded” Money “, now 43 years old.

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