Dimitrov reflects on COVID post: “I’m not ready to compete yet”

Dimitrov reflects on COVID post: "I'm not ready to compete yet"

Grigor Dimitrov, number 19 in the world, acknowledged that his performance has decreased after suffering from COVID-19 and that he is not yet physically prepared to compete at the highest level.

“I am not ready to compete at the highest level at the moment. The movements are improving, everything is going in the right direction, but it is not easy to recover,” confesses the tennis player to the specialized media Tennis Majors.

The Bulgarian lost the two games he played this weekend in France in the Ultimate Tennis Showdown, one of them against Feliciano López. “I am far (from my best level), for sure. I have not played tennis in more than a month. The virus has been hard. I stayed at home for about a month. It is difficult to return now,” added the tennis player, who confessed that he had lost about three kilos of weight.

The 29-year-old also recalled the symptoms he had after contracting the virus in the criticized tournament organized in Belgrade by Novak Djokovic, number one in the world, and how badly he had it despite his good physical condition and his youth. “I wasn’t breathing well. I was tired. I had no sense of taste or smelled anything. It wasn’t fun. To be honest, I’m lucky to be on the court right now. I don’t take every day for granted. I really appreciate being here.”

However, Dimitrov hopes that these games have been a good preparation for the possible return of official competitions in the coming weeks and recalled that his game is very physical and not being fully recovered affects him a lot. “One day I feel really good and I can prepare for about four hours. But suddenly, I need to stop, take a nap or just rest. So I have to go through that process. Hopefully I will fully recover,” he summarized.

Finally, he highlighted the harshness of the isolation for so many days and that to cope with them, you had to work not only on the physical but on the mental aspects. “I was only 20 days, almost 24 hours. You can do the math, I spent about 5000 hours alone. A lot of things go through your head. It doesn’t matter how strong you are mentally, as a person, athlete or anything else. It is inevitable to have some bad thoughts in your head. I also had to deal with that, “he said.

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