The best and worst in Alexander Zverev’s career

The best and worst in Alexander Zverev's career

New era for Alexander Zverev. The leader of German tennis, No. 7 in the world, has already confirmed that it began to be led by the Spanish David Ferrer, retired from the ATP circuit a little over a year ago. The 23-year-old was led by his father, Alexander, by the Czech-American Ivan Lendl and the Spanish Juan Carlos Ferrero, all former professional players.

For Zverev, owner of 11 titles, including the 1000 Masters in Rome and Canada in 2017 and Madrid in 2018, plus the 2018 ATP Final Masters, he started a different stage in his life. Already without his father, the Hamburg right-hander, almost two meters tall, now receives instructions from Ferrer, the brand-new director of the Barcelona ATP.

It is a special challenge for both of you. Zverev seeks to return to the podium of the ranking and to give them a fight more often to the tremendous ‘Big 3’ formed by the Serbian Novak Djokovic, current World No. 1, the Spanish Rafael Nadal (2nd) and the Swiss Roger Federer (4th), the great dominators of tennis and with many records in tow.

The German won 11 official singles titles – six on hard courts and five on clay – in 18 disputed finals (he also lost two on grass). His goal is to get into the big fight for a longer time, to be able to stay in the elite in times when the monsters are over 30 years old and it will be necessary to see if the youngsters will be able to fight hand to hand for the big tournaments.

Precisely, the karma of Zverev had been performing very well in the Grand Slam, with performances more similar to those achieved in some Masters 1000. The German is 4-3 against Federer and won the last two clashes with the Swiss, he is 2- 3 against Djokovic and 1-5 against Nadal. He already defeated them and the intention is to be more consistent against them and also with those of his generation, which has been asking for a serious track, with names of weight installed in the Top 10.

In the Grand Slam, only in the last two years was he able to get into the top eight: he made the quarterfinals at Roland Garros 2018 and 2019. And this year, in January, he gave himself the great pleasure of climbing to the semifinals for the first time in a Major, at the Australian Open. In the Masters 1000, Zverev is the only player who in the last 10 years was able to win three titles, not being Federer, Nadal, Djokovic or the Scottish Andy Murray.

This data is a complete sample of its potential, without a doubt. “I am happy to get through the testing period with Ferrer and I can’t wait for the circuit to return,” said Zverev. Precisely, the Spanish was also No. 3 in the world and battled against the best and knows them perfectly, a key item to help the German in this new stage.

The key will be knowing if the union will work, especially after the problems that Lendl and Ferrero had with Zverev, signaled by problems of indiscipline. “He is very young and he will become a great player, but he currently has many problems off the court that do not allow him to train in a way that is consistent with my philosophy,” said the owner of eight Grand Slam cups.

For his part, Zverev called Ferrero “disrespectful.” To that, to the Spanish, another ex-N ° 1 like Lendl, was resounding: “I asked the team for respect, to be a little more punctual. It was not right that he always came 30 minutes late to training. He told him that a A little more discipline could help him to improve tennis. The first months he was more disciplined and respectful, but when he gained confidence he no longer respected the guidelines that I set as at the beginning. I am left with the experience of having helped him win his first two Masters 1000, “he noted.

For this reason, the new Zverev-Ferrer fusion is eye-catching for the tour and it will be necessary to see how it is resolved on a day-to-day basis.

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