Will think twice! Assailant was disfigured by a UFC fighter

Will think twice!  Assailant was disfigured by a UFC fighter

Last Saturday, January 5, in Rio de Janeiro, the fighter from UFC, Polyana Viana, was the victim of an attempted assault. This was frustrated because the athlete, defending herself, gave the assailant a beating and left him immobilized until the authorities arrived. According to the Brazilian fighter, the events occurred while waiting for a taxi outside his apartment. It was there that the criminal intercepted him to ask him the time, and then threatened him with a fake pistol, according to what he indicated during an interview with local media.

“When I became aware of his presence, he was already very close to me. He asked me the time, but although I told him he did not leave. So I hid my cell phone around my waist and then he said, ‘Give me the phone. Don’t try to react, because I’m armed. ‘ That’s when he came up to me and pretended to put a gun on my back, but I realized that it was too soft to be a gun, “he said. Viana before the press, after the event that went viral.

The straw-weight fighter commented that a few punches, a kick, and a key were enough to subdue the thief. In this way, what she did was furor for several months, taking into account the insecurity for many women in the world. “I gave him two punches and a kick. The criminal fell and then I caught him in a Mata León (UFC submission technique). I held her there and then I placed her in a place and told her that we were going to wait for the police, ”said the fighter.

Likewise, the young woman commented that from the beginning she knew that the weapon with which they were supposedly threatening her was not real, since it was very soft. After confronting the assailant, she was able to see that the ‘weapon’ was indeed a piece of cardboard that had been cut in the shape of a pistol. The most interesting thing was that the image of how the face of the malviviente was, was released later, who had to wait several months to see herself in the mirror.

Polyana He will have another chance to end his losing streak in the Octagon. The Brazilian will face Emily Whitmire in the event on August 29. The match was revealed by Marcelo Barone of Combate.com this Thursday afternoon. Viana he will try to end his bad activity in the cage. The Brazilian is in a negative situation, with three losses in a row. She has not won since submitting Maia Stevenson in 2018. In her last contest, she was ended by Veronica Macedo in UFC Uruguay. The event is expected to take place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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