Crazy! Mike Tyson challenged Conor McGregor for a fight

Crazy!  Mike Tyson challenged Conor McGregor for a fight

Mike Tyson, iconic former world heavyweight boxing champion, said he would beat a fight against Conor McGregor. Clearly this would be under his rules and not in the cage, where the Irish fighter is a legendary UFC star. Being a benchmark for mixed martial arts in recent years, it would probably be the fight in history. “I would kick Conor McGregor’s butt,” Iron Mike said in an interview with Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. “Let’s do it with boxing rules,” said the former boxer.

Tyson, 54, will return to activity with an exhibition against Roy Jones Jr, another boxing legend. The fight will take place at Dignity Health Sport Park in Los Angeles on September 12. When rumors of a possible return of Mike In boxing, very few believed it could be true. That is why the legendary boxer himself had to go out to announce what all boxing lovers were waiting for: his return to the ring.

Through a video published on their social networks, Mike He confirmed that on September 12 he will return to the ring for nothing more and nothing less than to face Roy Jones Jr. “I’m back”, was what he wrote Tyson, who will face one of the best boxers of the 90’s. Recall that Jones Jr was champion of the medium category and even in the heavy ones. He has very good blows and, without a doubt, a rock under his gloves. Clearly there will be steel fists.

He also continued boxing sporadically until 2018 despite his retirement. Altogether, he has a record of 66 wins with 47 knockouts and nine losses, although he went 49-1 at the height of his career. Tyson, the world heavyweight champion between 1985 and 1990, boasts 44 wins, 39 by knockout, and five falls. His last bout was in 2005, when he lost to Irishman Kevin McBride. Now, fifteen years later, he will be seen back.

The historic American boxer continues to give something to talk about and a few weeks ago he also made a lot of noise, considering the magnitude of what he has declared. Mike Tyson He is remembered for his quality, strength, physique and sports mentality, but he also had his disciplinary problems and continues to demonstrate them from time to time. This time, he had expressed that if he found Floyd Mayweather on the street, he would be beaten without hesitation.

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